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20 days late. Negative tests.

Hi all.
I am currently 20 days late for AF - and going insane. 
I have taken several tests - most of them were negative, and two might have had a very very faint positive. Been feeling all the symptoms too, but they might as well be PMS symptoms. 
I will attach pictures of the one from this morning - let me know if you can see something! 
I am confused and just want AF to show up or a BFP! 

Thanks all ,


  • Do you track ovulation with ovulation kits or BBT?
  • Hi ladies, I’m in a similar situation but I’m only 6 days late. I ovulated on 31st March (that’s when I got my peak on clear blue opk) after that I got so many pregnancy symptoms but also really really bad period pains and pains in my pubic bone that I don’t get unless I’m actually bleeding.. I took a million pregnancy tests and some came out faint positives and so did my opks but now when I take a test there all completely negative, even opks neg. and no hint of a period. My cervix is so high it’s unreachable and it’s turned into the walls. Any idea what’s going on?! Xxx
  • @Leonie123 I’m not familiar with the clear blue OPK as I just used the cheap strips, but I’ve heard people say the clear blue can be off with peak. It could be that you ovulated later and aren’t late yet. You usually ovulate 12-36 hours after you get a peak reading 
  • I’m in similar situation 😢, 31 days late all test said negative but I haven’t tested lately coz I’m scared to get a negative again, feeling cramps, back pain and nauseous, stomach feels hard, I’m just confused.
  • This is the same as my last cycle; I had a 56 day cycle (usually 38) and had 5 negative tests. I use the CBFM and had all lows throughout the testing window but judging by when AF arrived I ovulated 4 days after my period was due. It’s so frustrating to be left in limbo - no sign of AF but also BFNs so I know how you feel. My GP told me to test on a weekly basis rather than daily and this helped with the disappointment of seeing only one line too. Try to relax as much as possible I know it’s easier said than done.

    I’ve started charting BBT this month just to check I’m definitely ovulating so it might be something for you to consider for your next cycle.
  • @Leonie123 did you get you BFP?
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