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Late... negative tests...pregnancy symptoms

would LOVE some advice as I’m driving myself insane and it’s not helping we are all inside! I have been TTC for about 5/6 months and this month I felt completely relaxed , my cycles are longer like 35 days and I’m now on that 35th day - negative tests from clear blue and I don’t feel like I’m going to be coming on my period anytime soon! My boobs normally kill before I come on and they don’t ... I have had dull aches for about 10 days now, back ache and waking up in the night to use the toilet and feeling hungry! Do I just keep waiting or ring the GP for advice too? This is also TMI but I had the EWCM on day 17/18 so that’s when I felt that I ovulated as I normally get it then.... but a week later day 25 I got it again and had it for 6 days!!! Anyone experienced this? I don’t know what to do and how long to wait! I’ve accepted I’m not pregnant as surely that would show now?


  • You're not out until AF arrives  :)

    It's promising that you don't have your usual premenstrual symptoms but hormones can be weird so I'd try not to read too much into it. 

    If you are pregnant then it could just be that your HCG is low, some people's HCG grows at a slower rate. Or perhaps you ovulated or implanted late...

    I'd try not to get your hopes up too high right now, but if I were you then I'd probably retest every couple of days or until AF arrives (if she does). 

    Good luck!  :)
  • Oh that’s so interesting about the slower rate part! Thank you so much for your advice, means a lot especially at this times! I have actually spoken to a GP today who said the same thing and to wait a week and test again? But she said the chances are I’m not pregnant however she can rule it out because of the other symptoms. She’s also said if nothing happens by June she can begin looking at tests , sperm samples from my husband etc! Just can’t do any referrals right now .  Again thank you for your advice! 
  • Just to add - I wouldn't call your GP for anything like this. Aside from the pandemic, if you're not worried about complications and you're not in pain then there's no need to involve a GP.

    If you're in the UK then when you do get your BFP you will often not see the GP at all pre-birth. I did ring the GP to ask them what I needed to do once I did get my BFP because I didn't know what the procedure was. But I didn't actually have an appointment with the GP. 
  • Yeh I completely agree, it was just to get advice over the phone really. And reassured me massively! Just going to see what happens now!
  • @Nashy1990....what happened?? Did you get your BFP?
  • @Emmytashalie no I didn’t! So I had a 42 day cycle in the end - was rubbish but see what happens this month! I have been using ovulation tests this month! Thanks for asking.
  • @Nashy1990 I’m sorry to hear that but keep trying! Thank you for replying. I found your post because I’ve not had my usual PMS symptoms but similar to you so many negatives now. I’ve been taking Pregnacare conception and I’ve read it affects cycles....
  • No way I’ve been taking it too? Where abouts did you hear that? Hope you’re ok. Honestly it’s so hard when you convince yourself you are then the negative tests just show you’re not! How long have you been TTC? I’m happy to chat whenever - so nice to talk to someone in my position. 
  • @Nashy1990 this is my second month taking it. Other chat forums I’ve seen it that it extends the lp! But then other chats you see, women swear by them so I don’t know which. It extended my cycle to 30 days last month when Im normally 28. If it does it again I’ll stop taking them. 
    It really is. And everyone around you seems to be pregnant! I’m the same, every tiny symptom I think ‘yes this is it’ and then nothing. 
    This will be our 3rd month trying. We had twins in November that died at 29 weeks. So it feels like a massive long journey. 
    How about you? 
  • Oh I’m so so sorry to hear that , I can’t even imagine how that must feel, you are so brave and strong! 
    Well that’s weird as I’m normally 34 days but overall this year they have definitely been longer in general however we have gone through SO much change so not sure if it’s linked with that too. We got married 10 months ago and because we were living in Dubai, we have had to settle here in the UK. Then we lived with my in laws and got burgled, my friends dad passed away suddenly, we moved house and then this virus! So think for us it’s obviously not been the right time! Honestly I wish you all the luck for getting a BFP! 
  • Aw thank you @Nashy1990. We were absolutely blessed with them, it just wasn’t meant to be. 
    Our little boy (who was an ‘unplanned’) and he is desperate for a sibling. He’s 5 now. It took us a while to conceive the twins so expecting a battle this time too! 
    I can’t 100% say that they do affect everyone but I’ve read it so many times now from different places. I took the pregnancy version when I had the twins and it was great! 
    I know. You too! It’s great to talk to someone who symptom watches like me. I really hope we both get out BFP soon!!
  • Awwww thank you 🥰 please let me know when you do and I will too haha! Well my cycles have deffo been longer but not every month so think I will give them a break! I do have folic acid tablets and evening primrose so could take those instead. I’m sure your little boy with have a brother or sister soon! Oh I’m a terrible symptom watcher- I have googled so much too but learning to stop with that! Oh do you mean the ones you take when do find out your pregnant? Thanks so much for your advice!
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