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How's everyone feeling? - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the first part of How's Everyone Feeling? as the earlier thread has reached the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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  • @Makeamummy Thank you hun I'm not stressing much this time I'm just really anxious like constant checking for blood :( I did get a positive clear blue last time them started spotting 5 days after so all I can do is hope! 🙈🙈 thank u for your kind words and support hun it is much needed! x
  • @Katie2202xx
    not a problem. Keep us updated ❤️
  • Can I jump on this thread and ask if anyone else can see a second line? I’m only 8dpo so I know it’s early, but I’m still working and dont want to risk anything if I am with the current circumstances! (2 x mc last year) Would really appreciate any comments (I changed it to black and white to make it clearer)...xx
  • @Summer1287 I do, but it is very very faint.
  • @Summer1287 I too am working whilst pregnant 🙈🙈 I can't really see anything but I do have rubbish eyes and it goes blurry when uploaded do you have a picture normally and not held up to light? as sometimes you can see the indents doing that x
  • @Katie2202xx I’ve thrown it away now 🤦‍♀️ Think I’m just hoping that’s all! Had a bad year last year, and we were just abouts to start fertility treatment before this started. Thanks for the comments x
  • @summer1287 aww I'm sorry to hear you've had a tough time :( try again with FMU :) don't give up 🤞 x
  • Thankyou xx
  • Stronger positive this morning 🙈🤞
  • @Katie2202xx congratulations, hun :)

  • Thank you darling midwife booked me in this morning for my first 7-8 week appointment 😯 just hoping I make it to that! 🤞🤞 x
  • Excellent news @Katie2202xx! Lovely strong lines! Keeping everything crossed for you! xx
  • @Remedios thankyou I'm so anxious at the moment! constant checking for blood :( I have seen a bit of yellow cm which I got last time before spotting I'm really really hoping for a sticky baby! xx
  • @Katie2202xx I will keep my fingers crossed for you :smiley:

  • VeronicaMAVeronicaMA Regular
    edited Apr 28, 2020 7:17PM
    First day of missing period, and having cramps, acne, nauseous, problems to focus, white discharge, fatigue and mild headache, and apparently my partner is the moody one today. I am not exactly eager to do the pregnancy test again, cause I am afraid that I will get another negative result, so I am waiting until Thursday or Friday and hoping not to get my period before that.
  • @VeronicaMA it's so hard isn't it especially when AF and pregnancy symptoms are so alike! you've got more will power than me I've done 7 already and only found out 6 days ago 🙈 I need to go buy more 😂😂 I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you BFP hunni! xxx
  • Morning ladies. Currently 12/13 dpo and a bfn today but the tests I have aren't that sensitive at 25miu. AF due in two or three days time. Trying not to symptom spot as they are so similar. Since my MMC in February I've started spotting two days before AF so will soon see.
  • @Fairycakes88 Maybe try with an FR with FMU.. fingers crossed for your BFP xx
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