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Hey ladies, I had a miscarriage last year, but I really wasn't ready then. Ever since I can't stop thinking about having a baby. I'm steady in my career and have all my ducks in a row. This is my 3 cycle ttc after bc. Last cycle on bc was 25 days with a 7-8 day period with spotting 2 days before. First cycle after bc was 24 days long. Spotted for 2 days before having a 5 day period. I wasnt tracking ovulation then so idk when I ovulated. Second cycle was 26 days, 5 day period, ovulated on about CD 13 or 14. I didn't spot and had faint positives on several different brand tests. 2 days later I got heavy bleeding and BFN. I'm guessing it was a chemical. I heard you can be more fertile after having a miscarriage. I'm in my next cycle in which my period lasted for 5 days, and positive opk on CD 13/14. I'm 1DPO right now so I'm in the 2 week wait! We DTD for the past 5 days so fingers crossed! Attached is my opks from 5-3 to 5-10, I tested twice on 5-3, 5-4, and 5-9. I actually did 3 different types. I did the strips, clear blue digital and sticks. I use femometer to record and the clear blue app. Got a flashing smiley on the 6th/7th then solid smiley on the 8th/9th. The sticks were high peak on the 8th/9th. The strips showed high on 8th/9th, I think my camera doesn't pick it up right as it only showed high not peak on the app. I have been taking preg prep as well along with prenatal vitamins. Fingers crossed this is the cycle!


  • Hey! Reading your story it sounds like you covered this cycle very well. Fingers crossed you get a bfp soon!x
  • Thank you! I know I've been going crazy looking up stories and seeing whos was similar to mine so thought I'd share. I took so many pregnancy tests last cycle. I'm definitely going to wait this time! 
  • So I definitely started testing way too early, again lol. I'm 8-9 DPO right now. Cheapies are showing negative, but I believe I see a faint line on an early response cheap stick. Picture is attached with and without flash. Line showed up within the 5 minute window. 

  • i had light spotting cycle day 20 and 22 then after that no more until cycle day 24 i had light red spotting then on day 25 to today. sometimes it was just spotting then full blown bleeding then nothing it comes on go and i dont know whats going period have never came this early before.
  • I had something similar before in which I spotted for 2-3 days and got my period after. That made the previous cycle 24 days in which I usually have 26-28 day cycles. Implantation bleeding shouldn't be too noticeable, but I have heard of people saying they bled heavily and went on to have healthy pregnancies. My last cycle was a chemical and im on CD 22 right now. Worried the above pic is a evap, I'm 4 days away from when my period should be here so don't have much hope right now!
  • i'm really hoping am pregnant cause am kind of losing hope tomorrow is the original due date....since i google and found out that implantation is very light and cant be heavier im losing hope
  • i was so hopeful it was implantation when i got the light spotting but then it was ruin after the bleeding amount increase.
  • You're not out till a full on period so don't lose hope yet!
  • ill try not to ill see if it stops tomorrow or it continues. fingers cross.
  • still bleeding and losing hope
  • Is it steady and bright or dark red?
  • Im on CD 23 DPO 9/10. I think the pic I uploaded is going to be a FPT cause all the others are negative :/. I have 3 days till my period and losing hope as well! If not this cycle then hopefully next. I'm going to give 1 more try.
  • true i'm on cycle day 29 which was suppose to be day one of my period but it started cycle day 24 and today makes the sixth day...normally my period last only five days wondering if i should put day 24 as the start date
  • I would say its your period and mark it as day 1. Sorry, but I have irregular cycles between 24-26 days so you could of just had a fluke cycle. Stress does alter it as well. 
  • i did that... today is day seven and mostly spotting with ewcm
  • it finally stop but now am havine ewcm could i be ovulating early
  • If you haven't already, I'd get ovulating test strips. They are pretty accurate and will tell you when you're ovulating. They say to DTD every other day to cover yourself. 
  • So i had mild cramping on cd 15 in my abdomen which started from the right side but it only last for a few minutes.....could this have been related to ovulation?
  • can i conceive with this type of cm because that seem to be the only cm am seeing for this cycle which is a thin creamy cm
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