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Hoping For A BFP June 2020 <3

hi ladies <3 i know a lot of you have seen me in a crap ton of threads n i try to offer as much help as i can but if you havent had the chance to chat with me <3 Hello im catlady <3 Im 23 (24 in june) i live in ohio,USA this is my 9th month total TTC and i sadly had a mc my 5th month in February at 5W+1 :( but im getting thru it <3 i am married to my loving 26 year old hubby <3 and im excited to make more friends and help a bunch of new TTCers <3


  • @Catlady220 yay for June BFP's!!!!! 🙏🤞💝
  • @Rainbows&#38;BabyDust im trying to get a good thread going like the original one.... a lot of them are pregnant now n dont post anymore :( and we just lost our biggest member bc she decided not to have anymore :( so i wanted to find more comfort ladies <3 

    @ks36 <3 im here love

    @PinkSnow410 idk if u would want to join <3

    @Hs19 u are welcome to join love....havent heard from u in some time
  • Hi everyone 👋😊
    I'm 32 and live in NSW Australia. I have identical twin 8 year old girls from my previous relationship and my Husband and I are trying for our first baby This is our third month TTC and I'm on cycle day 22. I thought I ovulated at cd16 but then two days ago I got ewcm and did this opk. Do you think this is my lh surge? This is the first time I've used opk so I am a bit unsure. Good luck to everyone and I'm looking forward to chatting to you all ☺️☺️

  • @Pennylane87 depends bc lh surges can get high.... my highest being 2.81 lol but most women dont get that BD BD BD just incase though...this could be your peak or it could get higher <3 best of luck hun <3 i have longer cycles like u too.... i wont ov for another 2 weeks ish
  • @Catlady220 thank you ☺️☺️ and omg that is crazy high! I have always had irregular cycles, it took me about 12 months to conceive my twins. I feel like my fertility isn't as good as it was then though going on 33 this year. 
  • Hi ladies! Joining over from the may bfp thread.
    im 30 years old and I have a 20 month old son who keeps me on my toes! 
    I was ttc for 6 months before him, had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks and then 2 months after the operation I was pregnant with my son and have a straight forward pregnancy! 

    This is only my second month ttc this time round but I know how lonely and frustrating it can get from first time round so I thought I’d join a group early on! 
    I’m on CD 7 and normally have a 25-28 day cycle. I use AVA bracelet and OPKs to track but have always been pretty clockwork. 

    Happy to help anyone where I can 🤗

    @[email protected] I would normally take that as my positive, it’s hard to say though, if I got that, I would have taken another opk like 4 hours later and if it was more faint then I would know that my peak has been. CD20 seems late to me, however, if you have long cycles then it could make sense! I find I have ewcm the week leading up to O, not necessarily on O day (me personally) so I would say that sounds about right to have it on CD16 and then O on CD20
  • @Catlady220 thank you for making this thread.

    For those of you who don't know me. My name is Ka. I am 36 years old. My hubby is 38 almost 39 in October. We have been married for over 2 years and trying that long. We have been seeing an obgyn for 6 months for fertility treatment. I have PCOS and it is regulated by metformin. My longest cycle without metformin has been 52 days and with metformin 26 days. I have an 33 day average cycle and an average 15 day luteal phase. I have been tracking bbt for 9 months and opk for 8 months. Bbt is basal body temperature and I track it on the Fertility Friend app. Opk is ovulation prediction kit and I track it with the [email protected] kit on the Premom app. I have had three chemical pregnancies . this last cycle my obgyn thinks I had multiple embryos pregnancies cause I bled three different times. I had been having faint lines on home pregnancy tests (hpt). I always thought I got false positives cause when I went to the obgyn their pregnancy tests were negative but blood hcg would show that had some hcg levels.  I would bleed and assumed it was my period or AF (aunt flo). But this time it was too weird so I asked the obgyn and she ran tests told me I had been having chemical pregnancies. My hubby did a semen analysis in February and it turned out low count low mobility. We almost gave up on having a child.But this month we found out that the lab that did the semen analysis made a mistake and we were all set to do another semen analysis in June but  hubby is glad he doesn't have to do it anymore. My chemical pregnancies have always been seen as false positives in the past but I have been to the er 3 times for abdominal pain. And this last time abnormal vaginal bleeding. My chemical pregnancies are due partly by obesity and stress which I can control and other bodily stuff that I can not control. I am learning to be more healthy and stress less. I was 228 pounds in January and am now 204 pounds. I try to eat a high protein low carb diet with lots of veggies and exercise 150 minutes for 5 days a week. I am going to do visualization meditation, prayer, and yoga to relax. I like to do body by Simone on sweaty Betty workout 2 to 4 times a week. It's a 45 minutes workout doing cardio dance, weight training, yoga, lower body workout like abs ad legs. It's fun. It's on YouTube. I do it at my bedroom . hubby moves the bed and I put it on the TV. I also like to do 2 to 3 times a week Yoga by Adrienne. I am looking into doing yoga for pcos and pregnancy yoga for after ovulation. I eat a multivitamin folic acid everyday. I have bipolar disorder so take medications for that . my psychiatrist says I have to not take them when I find out that I am pregnant. I have high blood pressure and diabetes but both are controlled by medication. Recently my blood sugar levels have gone from 9 to 6.2 and obgyn says that is where I should be for pregnancies.  I am 5'3" and want to be under 200 pounds and be 125-135 pounds in a year. In the tww (two week wait). I like to be on this forum. I got to know a lot of people on here like @Catlady220 who I Skype with and sometimes video chat with. We have shared many things daily and even exchange Christmas presents last year. I invited her to my Hmong wedding in the future. She probably can't make it but she said she will try. I just wanted to show her how grateful I am for her support. I gotten to know many people who are pregnant, have their babies, exited TTC for other reasons. It's been a long journey. When I first started TTC I thought it was easy. When I joined the forum in September  i was helped by @MadDoda @Catlady220 @PinkSnow410 @Rachel.a21  and many other I can't remember but appreciate. I try to help others telling my experiences.

    In the tww I like to do lots of hobbies  like makeup, hair, painting, embroidery, watch TV shows, and be on my social media. I have Youtube account under Ka Saeelee. I have Facebook group and page under the same name. Instagram Ka Saelee. Tik Toj @kasaelee . twitter @saeleeka. My hubby and I have a shared Facebook account under his name, San Saelee. I have blogger Ka Saelee, reddit kasaelee. Pinterest, tumblr katkrows. My email is [email protected] feel free  to pm me or connect with me on social media. 

    I am Asian , Hmong to be exact. I was born in Thailand and came to the USA with my family when I was 4. I live in California. My hubby is Asian , mien to be exact. He speaks mien  and Hmong.and of course English. His mom who take care of speaks mien, Hmong,and a little English. I live with hubby and mother in law and brother in law . brother in law is currently in the hospital. And I am power of attorney for him doing paper work for hospital and make medical decisions for him. We are  Christians.

    Sorry wrote a book. But hopefully my story helps somebody and I get to know you all.
  • Hi ladies I’m hoping for a bfp in June. Currently cd13 so hoping for my peak soon. I’m my stiff is... I’m 30 been married for a year nearly. We started trying September and got caught on pretty soon. Had a MC at 7weeks 6 days but didn’t know until my 12 weeks scan. Took 10 weeks to even have a period after d&c so this is our second month back trying. Trying not to stress out too much so bought a new puppy today haha 😂 nice to meet you all 
  • Hi Ladies, joining from the BFP in May group. Does it make anyone else more stressed or sad seeing the BFP wishing it was you? I’m 26 next month and I’m trying for my 1st... 6th month TTC. On AF CD6. Fingers crossed this will be our month! If it’s not for me then I’ll certainly be making a July thread as I feel reading everyone’s journey makes me feel positive... I also enjoy reading success stories and picking up tips. Good luck 🤍🤍
  • DanielleMFM can you explain why you deleted my post about my post that needed to be approved for this thread. It's very upsetting because I wrote a long post and it was posted then I added something and said it needed to be approved. My post was TTC related. Please don't delete my post and please tell me why my other post was not put back. This is the 2nd time this has happened and my post never reappeared. I don't know where else to complain so I since you moderate I thought I would post my complaint here. 
  • @ks36 you don’t seem to be tagging Danielle? As it’s not bold or there’s no @ - not sure if that helps you, maybe she’s not seeing your post. 

    @AyeeshaB I’m so sorry for your loss, same happened to me before my son. That 12 week scan still haunts me 😓 

    @BethO it’s very natural to feel like that - especially with social media but I always say to myself I have no clue what journey they have been on to get that baby 
    and here too.... your time will come and I don’t want to seem patronising at all, but you have time on your side, so take comfort in that! 
    I remember feeling like something must be wrong cause I wasn’t pregnant after 5 months, but remember they say a healthy couple on average take a year. 
    I never thought that I’d have a normal pregnancy after what happened to me, but I had my rainbow baby, ttc has taught me that anything is possible! It just feels hopeless at the time xxx
  • @RiaMushk you don’t sound patronising at all, all my friends have children already so I guess to me it makes me feel like my age is getting on but I know in reality that it isn’t. My partner is 9 years older he doesn’t have any children but I heard for men the age isn’t so much of a problem when TTC. You’ve made me feel positive and saying time is on my side made me feel a lot better. It seems that the people I know personally haven’t had a problem and it’s happened pretty much straight away but these forums make me realise that it’s reality that there are journeys involved and it does take time for our body’s to finally catch on! 
  • @BethO aw I’m glad! It’s funny isn’t it- all my friends are turning 30 this year and none of them are thinking about having kids! So I guess I feel like the ‘young mum’ 🤣 compared to your friends I am not! 

    But I can completely understand, if all my friends had babies and I wasn’t pregnant, I’d feel the same. It’s also hard for those who have had it straight forward to understand. But also, I have found that not everyone talks about their journey. 
    I opened up about my missed miscarriage on social media and the amount of people that private messaged me saying that they had had miscarriages I was surprised!

    yeh men don’t seem to have much issue, I would tell your partner to be healthy though, I made my husband drink less alcohol/ not smoke any weed (🤣) whilst we were ttc ... also helped a bit as I didn’t feel it was allllll on me! 

    We spend so much of our life trying not to get pregnant and then when we want to we are like what is going on in there!?!?! 

    Your baby is waiting out there and will choose you, I am so sure of it🙏🏻✨
  • Joining from May BFP group. AF visited today so CD1 for me. On cycle 3 TTC. Also 30yr old, married my Hubby in September last year! 
  • Hi @Kd050811 welcome :) 
    @RiaMushk waiting for my rainbow baby to come 🌈 I know I can’t wait to be pregnant again but I’ll be a nervous wreck especially at the 12 week scan x
  • @AyeeshaB yep I was too, however, I have a lovely early pregnancy unit at my hospital and I went there at 6 weeks and 9 weeks to see everything was ok, that really put me at ease. I just phoned them and explained that I was really anxious because I had had a missed miscarriage and I was so scared it would happen again and I wouldn’t know etc
    i also had a at home Doppler (I know this is really controversial but in the early days it helped me!) I didn’t use it later on in pregnancy when you shouldn’t rely on Dopplers but I used it for the first trimester and beginning of the second and it helped me so much hearing the heartbeat myself! 
    There are always private scans as expensive as they are! 
    Each day at a time, and the 12 weeks scan will be so happy when it happens! Both husband and I couldn’t stop crying 😭
  • Okay ladies I thought I would just retype my post.

    Thanks @Catlady220 for making this thread!

    Hi everyone! My name is Ka Saelee. I am 36 years old. My hubby is 38 years old , 39 in October. We have been married for over 2 years and have been TTC our first child for that long.

    We see an obgyn for six months now for fertility treatment. I have PCOS which is regulated by metformin . I have done an hsg test to see if my tubes were blocked and they weren't ever. I have done an amh level test to see my egg count and that turned out normal. I have had an ultrasound done and showed that I had 2 small ovarian cysts on my right ovary but they have disappeared.

    When I began the TTC journey with hubby I assumed it was easy to conceive. Now I learn it is a journey and a baby is a miracle.

    I joined this forum in September and was helped by a lot of people like @MadDoda
    @Catlady220 @PinkSnow410 @Rachel.a21 @Emmy012 and others I can't remember but have helped since then. I have tracking basal body temperature (bbt) with a two decimal place thermometer on the Fertility friend app for 9 months now . I have been tracking ovulation prediction kit (opk) to track luteinizing hormone surge with the [email protected] kit on the Premom app for 8 months. I am willing to help anyone with questions about tracking by sharing my experiences. My average cycle length is 33 days . Average luteal phase is 15 days. Average ovulation day is cycle day (CD) 15. I've ovulated as early as CD and late as CD 20.

    I have gotten to know a lot of people on this forum . Some are TTC, some are pregnant, some have had their babies, some have stopped TTC for different reasons. I have been posting regularly on this forum since September. I Skype daily with @Catlady220 about things and we video chat sometimes. We also have exchanged Christmas presents last Christmas and I invited her to my future Hmong wedding to show that I am grateful for her love and support. I live in California and she in Ohio but the wedding is gonna be in Minnesota. She might not be able to make it but she w said would try which means a lot to me. We are also Facebook friends.

    Feel free to inbox me here. Add me on Facebook. I have shared Facebook account with my hubby under his name San Saelee. I have an Instagram , Ka Saelee. Tik Tok @kasaelee. A YouTube channel , Ka Saelee. Twitter @saeleeka. Blogger, Ka Saelee. Reddit, Ka Saelee. Tumblr , katkrows. Pinterest, Ka Saelee. Linked In, Ka Saelee. My email is [email protected]

    Feel free to connect with me.

    I have had three chemical pregnancies for the last three cycles. This last cycle I bled three times so obgyn ran tests cause I had been getting faint lines on home pregnancy tests (hpt) but the obgyn pregnancy tests would be negative but my hcg level would be 1-3 miu. We all thought I was getting false positives on hpt and getting my period or Aunt Flo (Aunt Flo). But this last cycle I bled three different times. I have went the er for abdominal pain three times in December, February and this month. i had abnormal vaginal bleeding this time. My last bleeding lasted four days and very heavy. tmi i know . . lol but obgyn says it probably was multiple embryos this time since i bled three times.
    It's bitter sweet but hubby and i are elated that we can conceive. We are going to keep trying. Chemical pregnancies are a sign of future successful pregnancies. Chemical pregnancies have some things you can control and some things you can't. I am obese so i have to lose weight. I stress a lot so I have to do stress management. I am 204 pounds and want be 125 to 135 pounds in a year. I started in January at 228 pounds. I have high blood pressure and diabetes. My high blood pressure is controlled by medicine and my diabetes also. My hemoglobin ac1 level for blood sugar was 9 and is now a 6.2. my obgyn says that is where it should be for pregnancy. I try to eat a high protein low carb diet with lots of veggies. I drink 5 to 6 bottles of water a day. i excercise 2 to 4 times a week with a Youtube video under the sweaty betty channel called body by simone . It's a 45 minute workout with 3 cardio dance routines, 2 weight strength excercises, two yoga upper and lower and ab workout . It's fun ! My hubby moves the bed in our bedroom and I put in on the tv at home. I also do 2-3 time a week, Yoga by Adrienne.  Hubby and I walk for an hour every other day for a mile.  I am looking into doing Yoga for PCOS and pregnancy yoga for after ovulation. My family is Christian so I pray to God . I also like to do visualization meditation. I also take a multivitamin prenatal.

    i am asian . Hmong to be exact. i speak hmong, english, and learning mien, that, and spanish. I was born in ban vinai refugee camp in thailand and came to the usa with my family when I was four in 1989.  I have lived California for most of my life and Minnesota for 1 year. My hubby is Asian also and Mien to be exact. He speaks MIen, Hmong, English, Thai , and Lao. He came with his mom and three siblings when he was 11 in 1994. He was also born in ban vinai refugee camp . we stayed there at the same time  but our families didn't know each other. we stayed in area 1 of the camp and them area 3.  We ended up in the same town and went to the same schools and lived in the same areas. He even saw me once in high school 20 years ago and wanted to say hi but saw me following my crush so didn't bother. we met at a friend's house on december 21,2017 and he asked for my number and said he was gonna marry me.  I told him off but eventually gave him my number. We met a few times at the friend's house for dinner parties. Our first date was December 31st, 2017. i showed him a photo of me in high school and i was 110 pounds then and he said you're that girl i saw. our first kiss was in january. and he met my grandpa on january 24th.,2018  grandpa already knew him. hubby proposed to me on january 25th,2018.  I moved in with him, his mom, and older brother that night. we went to my mom's house and told her the next day that we were getting married. on january 28th , 2018 we made an appointment for a court wedding . oN Friday, February 2nd, 2018 we were married. My mother and his mother were our witnesses. Our friend Elvira was there for support and took our wedding photos. We have our up and downs but we say love is worth the pain. 

    I am a care provider for his mother and power of attorney for his brother. His brother is currently in the hospital and I make medical decisions for him. I have bipolar disorder myself but manage it with medication and therapy. my pyschiatrist says i should stop taking the medication when i find out i am pregnant which i have been following i also see a behavorial health and recovery services counselor for counseling once a week. due to covid 19 it's over the phone. I just wanted to share my story so it helps others. Gonna keep tracking and ttcing to get my first child even though i am an angel mommy of at least four baby embryos who have gone to heaven. waiting for my rainbow baby. fx to all of you ttc and congrats to all the bfp and babies everyone's had. love ka 

    sorry i wrote a book. cd 4 and my bbt was 98.75. going to start opk tomorrow. with pcos opk has multiple surges. 
     hugs and love!
  • @RiaMushk I will be the same. It’s good to know that they were good at the hospital. Mine was also a missed miscarriage too. Xx I think we’ll cry too. 
  • @ks36 I read all of that and I am not going to comment on all as there is sooooo much, I find it lovely that you have actually made proper friends through this post, I’m in the UK so you’re very far from me, CD4 for you and CD6 for me but AF still here, can’t wait to hear your journey this month 🤍
  • This may be a silly question, but I spot a day or two before my period. Would my CD1 be considered as first day of full flow or the first day of spotting? TIA! 
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