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Coming off contraceptive pill and ttc baby #1! - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the first part of Coming off contraceptive pill and ttc baby #2!, as the earlier thread has topped the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.



  • Wooo hi everyone, we must talk a lot 😂 @cheesecoleslaw86 @Emma63 @SunshineB @sunflowers24
  • heeeeyy xx
  • I’ve got a positive OPK today....CD14. Seems to be getting earlier every cycle. Feel like I haven’t BD’d in the lead up to it as much as I wanted to. It‘s been around CD16 or CD17 when I’ve got a positive OPK since coming off BC 😫 x 
  • It only takes once @Amy8970 😉 hopefully you'll have done enough and as it crept up on you, you'll not be spending time stressing about it 😁

    I got my prog tests back and they are pretty dire. In 6 dpo prog was 13.3. Will speak to gp tomo who will probably know f#*& all but will ask for referral to fertility clinic. I have already registered myself and dh privately as I don't trust gp will offer me any solutions.

    So the saga Continues 🙄
  • I hope so @cheesecoleslaw86. Oh I’m sorry to hear, what does 13.3 mean? What is a ‘normal’ level? Xx
  • I think in terms of fertility they prefer it to be over 30 😂 but anything over 10 confirms you have ovulated. I knew it would be low anyway as my lp is so short so I'm not shocked by it. But I need either progesterone to supplement my lack of it or clomid to try and instigate earlier ovulation. My gp will have no clue. I'll let you know what they say tomo 😐

    But it'll be my private appointment that will yield answers me thinks. Although need to get that sorted tomo. I'm registered but no appointment as yet. Covid back log 🙄 xx
  • Thanks for the tag @Amy8970 💗 you still have time if you BD today and tomorrow hehe 

    @cheesecoleslaw86 sorry about the low result 😫 but I'm glad you have some information that you can try and get answers with! I really hope you get a good GP tomorrow 🤞🤞 x
  • Awww thanks @SunshineB Like you say at least I may be able to get some answers 😊 hope you're keeping well ❤️ xx
  • Let us know what they say @cheesecoleslaw86 💗

    I'm fine thank you just plodding along lol feeling little movements here and there so hopefully all is ok in there xx
  • how is everyone today xx
  • I’m good thanks @Emma63, Premom said my peak was yesterday so I’m panicking that I’ve missed my window a bit. How are you doing? Xx
  • when did you BD? 

    I'm doing well thank you not felt sick for the last 2 days which is good, but made me worry...I dont know why, so I had a spare box of cheap tests so took one and it was very dark so made me happy. got blood tests tomorrow :):( 
  • BD’d last night and day before so I’m hoping I’m in with a chance. Good luck for your blood tests hope they don’t hurt too much xx 
  • I would maybe BD today too just to be on the safe side. it seems like I ov on the 8th may and conceived on 10th may. 

    I hope not. I'm fine with needles they dont bother me it this waiting for the results after. 

    I defo do feel like my thryoid is playing up at the moment as feeling super super tired 
  • Amy8970Amy8970 Regular
    edited May 28, 2020 1:19PM
    Will try to tonight, I don’t even know when to expect AF as I’ve had 10 day LP since coming off BC (based on OPK’s) and then last cycle it was 12 days. 

    I hope you get the results back quickly to put your mind at rest xx
  • oh right I see. well hopefully you wont have an AF :) fingers crossed for you.

    so do, I rekon they will make it priority I rekon x
  • Hi ladies! Wow we must chat a lot 😂 

    How is everyone doing? My OH works two weeks away and then is two weeks home. He leaves again for work tomorrow, so we have spent time together before he leaves. I’m CD50 and still no AF. I’m wondering when I should see the Dr, or when they would take this seriously? I’m thinking if by CD60 still nothing, I’ll ring my GP as it would be 2 of my normal cycles missed if I remember to what my cycles were like before BC. My OH and I are thinking we might just “try” without over trying for a little while, or until things get back on track with my cycles. 

    I’m not sleeping very well lately. My grandfather isn’t doing well. Looks as though he has bone cancer. He’s elderly, but he helped raise me. Losing him is going to hurt. I’m hoping this isn’t affecting my AF from coming, stressing about losing my Opa. Everytime I think about it, I try so hard not to cry. I’ve never lost anyone close to me from death before, it scares me. I worked in a nursing home as an aged care nurse for a couple years, loosing my patients from there was really difficult so I have no idea how I will cope when my beloved grandfather passes. I’m so sorry to dump that on you ladies, but I feel this is a safe place where we can share the good & bad. I love this forum. I feel as though I’ve made such a lovely group of friends and felt as though I’ve known you for ages already. 

    hope everyone is doing okay xxxx 
  • @cheesecoleslaw86 im so sorry to hear that. Please keep us posted. We are here for you, every step of the way. 💗❤️
  • Awww @sunflowers24 I'm so sorry to hear that. I lost my grandparents at 21 and they were so intregal in raising me. Even now I cry when I think about them. It's so tough. I'm sending you massive hugs ❤️ if you do ring gp I'd exaggerate how long it's been as there is a lady @Mrst1119 who is having similar issues to you and she is in the triple digits I think and still gp is not acting 😭 @Mrst1119 I hope things have improved since last we spoke.

    Re my progesterone thank you. I'm okay about it. I knew it was going to be poor so it's just confirming what I already knew. I tried ringing gp today but the one who ordered bloods isn't in until tomorrow so I will get call back tomo. 

    I am looking forward to my acupuncture next week I'll let you know how it goes xxx
  • @Amy8970 I think the way it snuck up on u night be a good thing. I have everything crossed for you this month ❤️

    @emma63 hope all your bloods tests go well. Glad you are feelimg less unwell xxx
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