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Got my bfp! Ttc journey... For reference to ttc'ers

Just thought I'd add this because I know for me reading people's signs etc is helpful in being hopeful... But also a realisation of how random it can be. I got my first bfp 9dpo.

Some things I've changed;
- This month will be the 3rd month of taking vitamins, I don't take prenatal... But they have all the recommended in, including EPO but I take that every other day. Its cheaper and they don't have a pregnant woman on them reminding me every day! 

- I have one cup of caffeinated tea a day.

Some things I didn't stop doing (almost like the myths and legends of baby making I guess) this is in no way a list to say you can do then, but don't sweat it if you have a slip up I guess;
- I didn't stop drinking alcohol in my FP (I'm not a heavy drinker though) but had 1 drink in my LP.

- I exercised and I'm pretty unfit at the moment so had a very high heart rate around 7dpo

- I've had a hot bath every week (something I read about dunno if anyone else has)

- I sleep on my front... If this pregnancy is successful I have nooo clue how I'm going to sleep

My month bbt wise has been very erratic and my LP just looks a mess you can take a look yourself. It's horrid. Shocking haha. My lp has risen really slowly for me. It doesn't look like the usual clean lines I usually get. 

As for symptoms... My usual ovulatory month is filled with cramps, aches, spotting, tiredness, acute sense of smell. This month NOTHING apart from sore boobs, feeling hot and if I eat too much it sits really heavy in my stomach. I don't really feel any different. 

I'm not saying this is 100% successful I still have a long way to go, it could still be a chemical (my lp is usually 12 days) etc...but I am glad I can at least conceive!


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