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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 7

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 6 peeps, as the earlier thread has topped the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.



  • Hello girls,

    Just popping over to the new thread 😊

    @Trying4number2now gorgeous Eddie 😍

    @Genabella so happy you and hubby are feeling better and have some plans for future cycle. We did ICSI and it worked very well for us as all eggs fertilised. How are your cycles since? Mine are still very up and down. Sending you lots of baby dust and hoping we can join the lovely ladies very soon 🤞

  • Hi 👋 just posting in the new thread so I get notifications xx 
  • @Lacey Till you were totally right about Buseralin injection...went in like butter 👍😊 

  • @sas1101 Glad the injection went well 😊 Try not to inject in the same spot (it gets harder the more you have to do) otherwise I found that’s when it became sore. They’re not as bad as you think though are they? xx 
  • @Lacey Till thanks for the tip. No they're not bad at all. I think I was worried because the whopping dose of menopur they had me on stung like a b*tch! It'll be interesting with timelines as I can't make it out from the paperwork but I think I could be having transfer around the 17th/18th July 🤞 

    How is your bump now? I bet you and @Flowers2412 are feeling very very pregnant now!! 
  • @sas1101 the Menopur is much worse! Bump is getting big now I had a growth scan on weds and the reckon baby is weighing 4.10lbs! 
  • @Lacey Till that's amazing weight and you still have 2 months ish to go! Can't wait to see some baby pics. 

    Well also have another addition very soon @giegie can't wait to hear ofyof little arrival! Xx
  • @sas1101 glad to see your injection wasn’t as bad as you thought it was! When I had my 30 week scan baby was 3lbs 8 so I’m really curious to see how much he would weigh now, next scan isn’t till I’m 36 weeks I’m currently 32 weeks xxx 

    can’t wait to hear back from you @Giegie I hope you and baby are ok xxx 
  • @sas1101 thanks hunni xxx
  • Hi Ladies, new thread, how exciting :)

    Thanks for the questions, we are doing great, will post a bump picture, just can't do it from the PC, but will log in with my phone. Had a midwife appt this morning, everything is where and how it should be, baby is growing, wiggling around slowly getting stronger. Now if I put my hand on my belly I can feel him, but DH didn't manage to catch him so far, hoping we'll get there soon.

    Still both of us working from home and not planning on going back until the baby arrives, so it'll be a long isolation... But definitely have something to look forward to!

    Eddie is so adorable, can't wait to have our little boy arrive as well. Working on the nursery now and can't believe we got here. 22+3 today, now waiting for the 24week milestone, exciting times!

  • Hi ladies, 

    @sas1101 I'm doing great. Just had my pre-OP section appointment today.. bloods, Covid19 test, consent forms etc. I go in at 9am on Tuesday. But will probably have the section around 12pm depending on emergencies from the labour ward.
    I'm pretty excited now. 
    How are you feeling? Are you a bit relaxed with this round now that you know drill?

    @Genabella I hope that the break has really refreshed you. 
    @Trying4number2now it's good to see that Eddie the cutie pie has added weight. He looks so content. Well done mama.

    To the rest of the pregnant ladies, I continue to wish us well until we have our little darlings in our arms.

    Will update on or after Tuesday 🤞🤞
  • @Giegie best of luck for Tuesday. Will be thinking of you. 

  • @sas have u started again? Sorry I must have missed that part or else I’m doting!  
    I have to say I’m not at all nervous about doing it again, they have said my protocol would be exactly the same this time as it worked so well last time, it was just the fertilisation that’s was the issue, so hopefully the ICSI will fix that. 
    My cycle is mad! It took 6 weeks after the progesterone for my period to come, which was the 1st week in May, then I had another, and am currently due today or tomoro but not feeling anything at all. It’s so wierd 
  • @flowers wow I can't wait for your update at your next scan to see what weight he is. You girls really don't have long left now 😊

    @Giegie so lovely to hear from you. Oh my you go in on Tuesday!! So exciting! I'll be eagerly awaiting your update. I'm feeling good today. Had a few moments last week but got myself together and actually very excited now. Thank you for asking. 

    @Genabella yes I've started down regulation today so had first injection this morning. I'm doing a FET cycle so will be using one of our frostie babies. From what I can gather it still takes around 6 weeks in total, I have my first scan on the 6th July. We had ICSI due to oh's sperm quality on the day of retrieval but I think it works well. Fingers crossed that you can get up and started soon. Hopefully your cycles will steady out also. I must admit my AF are heavier and longer since IVF which I don't like! 

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend xx

  • @Giegie good luck Tuesday hunni cant wait to see a picture and thank you I am besotted with him 😍😍 xxx
  • Good luck for tomorrow @Giegie, will be thinking of you!

    @Sas1101 how are the injections going? Hope they are not too bad, I expected them to be a lot worse than they actually were. We had the short protocol so only had 11days of injections altogether, but I think I could have had more.

  • Hi @Ags99 they are not as bad as the menopur so all good. I gave my self a terrible bruise wh one of them though 🙈 As I'm on medicated FET I think i jave to take them for  around 4 weeks. Roll ok the middle of July! Hope you're well 😊

    @Giegie can't wait for your update. S being you lots of luck and kisses! 
  • @Giegie wishing you all the best for tomorrow, not long now until you will finally have your little one 😘 can’t wait to hear from you xx 
  • Here is the bump picture as promised. :) 
  • @Ags99 😍😍😍

    such a cute bump!! 
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