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Rise in bbt but negative ovulation tests ! Help

Hi ladies, new to the group, just looking for some advice. I’ve been testing nearly every day since my predicted fertile window using the Clearblue digital ovulation tests In the morning and a cheaper test later in the day, I’ve had all negatives. I had a small spike in my bbt from 36.3 - 36.6 before my fertile window and wondered if I had missed my ovulation but when testing bbt this morning I had a huge spike to 37.2 but had a negative ovulation test for the last 4 days ?? What do you think Is the most likely ovulation day ? Could my bbt this morning be an early pregnancy sign ?


  • Are your tests getting darker? 
  • The morning ones are digital so couldn’t say and the ones I’m doing in the evening are usually about the same colour the odd one slightly darker or slightly weaker 
  • Hey, 
    Firstly I would recommend using Fertilty Friend to track your BBT as its the most accurate and analyses it alot better, it breaks down the temp better so you get a clearer view of what's going on. 
    I would say that your spike from today looks really promising, what is your CM like? Some people have really obvious spikes and some dont, until you do it for a few months and start to see patterns it's hard to tell. 

    I never got on with OPKs, I never got a positive as I think I peak really quickly and they just stressed me out but have got pregnant 3 times with BBT. 

    Here is my chart from May where we weren't trying as I had a MC in April so you can see the ovulation spike, raised temp and fall before AF is due. 

    This one is from June and you can see that I'm pregnant. 

    Hope this helps 
  • Hi ! I’ve input my data into fertility friend, I’ll attach my chart, do you think the first peak is likely ovulation or the second ? Hoping second may be a progesterone rise ??
  • Wowzers that's a massive peak, if this is ovulation you need your temp to increase tomorrow too and it will mark your ovulation at either Friday 26yh I recon. Have you been bding the last few days as you havent marked and you may have missed the window now? 
  • It dropped this morning to 36.5 but my fertility friend has still logged it as ovulation, typically no my hubby was on nights this week and because I didn’t think it was an ovulation period due to other apps and my negative opk I didn’t push for BD in the afternoon when he woke so chances are I’ve missed it for this month 😔
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