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Did I test too early?? Is there still hope?

Hi all. My cycle is about 45 days long, 8 days before my expected period I had weird stomach pains (not those of period cramps) and light bleeding (only needing a panty liner). At this time my breasts were very sore but it subsided after the light bleeding. Every month my period cramps are very severe and though my period only lasts about 3 days I bleed through tampons. I have moments that I feel a little queasy and I have really bad bloating and gas. I cannot keep my eyes open mid day even when I have gotten enough sleep at night. I woke up with severe indigestion and heartburn one morning and I’m not at all sensitive to spice. My lower back has been aching and my hands have been very swollen. Also have been ravenously hungry only to feel sick after. I’m 3 days late and I tested and got a BFN. Could I still be pregnant? Did I test too early?


  • So pregnancy symptoms and period symptoms are exactly the same as they’re caused by progesterone so there’s actually no telling which one is which unless you get that positive test. All you can really do is retest in a few days, good luck x
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