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ladies im new here and I'm going mental!

Hiya beautiful ladies 

this is my first post here! A bit of background on myself;

got 2 kids (5 year old and a 6 year old) and have pcos, needed clomid for my first and used soy isoflavones for my 2nd.

been ttc our 3rd for 6 months (using soy iso) and this cycle introduced progesterone cream too. 

reason i did that is because i have had 3 chemical pregnancies in the last 6 months. 

my period is due in 2 days and ive been testing like a maniac. im completely losing my sanity and happiness on this journey but specifically this cycle.

ive attached my latest test that i took half an hour ago. i keep seeing the same thing 
pls help me im losing my mind


  • anybody? 

    is anyone due AF 2nd july too?
  • I think I can see a line on the second picture but the quality isn't great, I would leave it 48 hours and test again
  • Butsie185 said:
    I think I can see a line on the second picture but the quality isn't great, I would leave it 48 hours and test again
    thanks for the reply @Butsie185 really appreciate it!

    yes i think the wise thing to do would to hold out until the day of my period! 

    thanks again xx
  • I can also see something faint on second picture and retesting  is the best way to know if line gets darker. 
  • Me too- hope the line gets darker for
  • thanks @Ayana and @EmJ3

    really appreciate your replies! 

    i definitely saw something yesterday as well.  it was faint but definitely pink but it is the one step cheapies I'm using so not sure if i trust these. 

    i woke up with lower back pain and achy ovaries and hips... can't help but think AF is on its way.

    I'll update you ladies whenever i test 
  • Hi ladies

    thought id update quickly 

    af still not here and my lower back pain has become worse...bfn on IC tests today

    gonna test again tomorrow morning but im actually so fkn done with ttc

    hope youre all well x
  • I hope you don’t mind but I have used your test on the pregnancy test app checker and I can defo see something! Mine looked the exact same and I thought I was going crazy. I now have a 4 month old daughter :) defo re test in a few days xx
  • OlalaOlala Regular
    edited Jul 2, 2020 8:36PM
    Hi @WelshGirrl

    im actually so happy that you tweaked the test! thank you so much

    i couldve sworn i saw a faint pink line in person body is clearly playing tricks on me!

    ive been testing daily since posting first and havent gotten any darker lines
    my period is due today but nothing as of yet

    however i use progesterone cream so that could be delaying my af and not the prospect of a bfp. 
    ive stopped the cream today and will see what happens now

    thank you so much x

  • those are today's tests for reference...

    look like bfns to me and i should know better than to expect anything else tbh

    i was supposed to be referred to a fertility specialist but since this coronavirus malarkey begun i havent been able to get the referral.

    plus my gp is reluctant to refer me as i already have 2
  • I dunno if it’s my eyes but I can kind of see something on the strip test and the top one.. could just be me but I hope you get a bfp soon if that’s what you’re wanting xx
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