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Forum disappeared?


Has the "Safe space for all ttcers" group been removed please?


  • Hi @HippieMama4 - the thread is still there - press here to reach it
    Also, if you bookmark the thread by pressing the green star next to the thread title, you can always find it in your bookmarks, which can be found by pressing the three little lines, top left of your screen. 

    If you need anything else, please just tag me in a post or PM us. 
  • Hi @DanielleMFM

    Thank you for your reply. I had it bookmarked but it looks like I put the last 3 posts on and nobody has been on/replied, then I couldn't find it when I went off it and looked separately. 

    I'll refresh it again and see if it is active. X
  • You are most welcome @HippieMama4 and if you do find the other thread not to be active, please do feel free to start a new one :blush:

  • Thank you.

    It was confusing as it had been really active, then suddenly not anymore. X
  • I'm not sure why that happens, but I wish i knew too @HippieMama4 as it would make my job so much easier 😂
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