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Hoping for a BFP in August 2020



  • @Ashwee2428 if you are due on the 15th its way way too early.. if you have a normal cycle (28 days) you probably have only just ovulated now...
  • If I have just ovulated can I still BD with a possibility it will work? Or am I out for this month? 

    I’m not sure how my body is working as I’ve just come off my pill last month. And stopped bleeding on the 25th 
  • Poca92Poca92 Regular
    edited Aug 1, 2020 1:54PM
    Vikster82 said:
    hi ladies. Haven’t been on for a while. Just got a referral through for fertility clinic. Felt sickly this morning and sore boobs so decided to take a test. I’m 10dpo so still very early but have now had faint positives on 3 brands but neg on digital. I’m posting the frer as this one seems clearest. I would only be 3 weeks today. 
    I can definitely see a line!! Congrats!!
  • @Vikster82 100% a line! Congrats! 

    @Ashwee2428 I’m a bit confused, what did you get a faint line on? If you’re due in 15 days then it would virtually be impossible to have already gotten pregnant, implanted enough for a positive test? Until you have crazy long cycles but you just said you stopped bleeding on the 25th... so maybe you’re saying you got faint like on an opk? Which would be a negative but either keep testing and it’ll get darker or if it doesn’t then you may have missed it- bd tonight just in case!? 
    Personally I’ve given up on trying to plan ttc around anything else, as it really isn’t something you can plan! Even with all of us here trying our best 🤣

    @HippieMama4 how you doing today darling? I hope you managed to talk to your other half and sort things out 🙏🏻

  • @RiaMushk I did a clear blue early detection one. I think I ovulated on Monday/Tuesday I wasn’t testing just I got egg white CM so I’m guessing that’s when it happened or near to. Then got cramping the day after. I’m not hopeful and I’m not getting my hopes up just yet. It will happen when it happens for us that’s if it happens at all. I’m blessed with one and trying so hard not to become obsessed with it all but sometimes that’s all you can think about. 

    I hope your all well and enjoying your Saturday evening. Cxxxx
  • Congrats @Vikster82! Fab line 😁

    @Kd050811 😳 you’re right, I should stop drinking. I’ve counted myself out when I could still be in!

    Also, to chime in with your convo with @HippieMama4 my partner is exactly the same, (minus the robotics) he works long hours and falls asleep within minutes, I swear he thinks we only have to do it twice, jobs a good’en!👍🏼
    I never feel that we’ve given it our all, I’d love to know we have and that chances are I’m likely to be pregnant, rather than being in the complete dark with a small glimmer of hope. They really don’t understand, it fully consumes you!
  • Hi all. I’m joining this group now that it’s August. I think I’m 14 DPO today (ran out of OPKs) but got a BFN. I’m expecting AF probably will come tomorrow because I’ve had a couple days of period like cramps 😞 The last 3 days though I’ve had “fertile” like CM which is a bit unusual for me. Does anyone else experience this before a period?
  • @KristyH have you been pregnant before? With my pregnancies I have had AF like heavy feeling in uterus and a few cramps like I’m coming on but never comes. 
    I didn’t have any change in cm though, but everyone is different! Fingers crossed for you that af doesn’t come! 
  • @RiaMushk nope this will be the first. I think because I got a BFN this morning it is really unlikely considering when we Bd. But thank you for the positivity! I wish they didn’t have early detection pregnancy tests. It would make it much easier! 
  • Hey hope everyone is holding up well! I've been on and off these forums like a yo-yo this month.
    I'm so confused as to where I am in my cycle. I started opks last week and they built up some nice dark lines but no positive and then they've suddenly just disappeared 🤷‍♀️ my temps are really fluctuating this cycle as well. I wasn't expecting to ovulate until the 16th but now I'm not sure if I have already. Ff thinks I have already but I don't think it's right as my "high" temps are pretty normal for me and were below the cover line last month. Had a slightly higher temp this morning but I did have a few drinks yesterday for the first time in forever and I also woke up in a panic cos I thought I could smell dog poo 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Also I'm going for a blood test in just over a week to check if I actually do ovulate so I feel the pressure to have my charts as clear as there were last month, just for peace of mind. 

  • Thank you much girls for being so supportive following my rant and me feeling sorry for myself. We had a huge WhatsApp conversation (my son was in bed so I didn't want to argue upstairs, and dh couldn't be bothered to come downstairs 🙄) He said he absolutely does still fancy and love me and definitely wants us to get pregnant as quickly as possible, but he kept saying about being tired and having a low libido. So frustrating.

    We did kind of sort things out and we bd last night, but I don't know if it's too late. I felt yesterday like I had ovulation pains (I get them every month) but it felt slightly different this time, so I don't know. Premom reckons I'm 2dpo but my temp only rose this morning above my averages, not yesterday although it did rise every so slightly. So I should be 1dpo today. My opks are going down, so something has happened, I just don't know exactly when yet.  Fertility friend hasn't said anything about ovulation yet.

    @Kd050811 I felt like that the month I got pregnant. I was adamant af was on her way, but no she wasn't. Fingers crossed!

    @Poca92 welcome! 👋 Lots of babydust to you.

    @Vikster82 congratulations! 😊 It is early, but I can definitely see a line.

    Babydust to all x
  • @HippieMama4 glad you sorted things out 😊
  • @Smilla86 thank you. I'm cross that we missed 2 days of the fertile period, so not got much hope for this month. It appears that dh's swimmers don't seem to like living in my body for very long! X
  • Thank you 🥰 got this today! I’m 11dpo so very early days. Fingers crossed it’s a sticky bean 
  • @Vikster82 Omg Congratulations!! What amazing news ! Xx
  • Congratulations @Vikster82!!!!
    I tested today at 13 dpo. It was negative! AF is due tomorrow. Im not surprised really cause i have no symptoms at all... The only "symptom" is that before AF i i usually spot for a few days, but I haven't had anything yet.. but maybe af is just a little late... Oh well! Here's to trying next month!
  • Hi all.. Im new to this gp..hope to distract me a bit after failed iui..distressing week for me..ttc 4 years already and now cd2..trying for natural this months...
  • EmPa said:
    Congratulations @Vikster82!!!!
    I tested today at 13 dpo. It was negative! AF is due tomorrow. Im not surprised really cause i have no symptoms at all... The only "symptom" is that before AF i i usually spot for a few days, but I haven't had anything yet.. but maybe af is just a little late... Oh well! Here's to trying next month!
    You’re not out til she shows! I’ll keep everything crossed for you xxx
  • @Vikster82 Congratulations!

    @Sheera Welcome!

    Morning ladies. 5dpo for me. Just about to go to work. Hope everyone is doing good. 
  • @Fairycakes88 4dpo for me so not too far behind ! No idea really on temping but feel like my chart looks different this month straight after ovulation its shot up where as its usually up and down so hoping that's a good thing 🤞 x
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