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  • Can someone kill my taste buds that like sweets
    cuz I seriously can’t stop 
  • Hey ladies!! 
    I’m getting discouraged a little.. still have not got a positive ovulation test. I don’t check temp I just do the pee test ones AF was July 9-12th. Before I lost the twins I ovulated kinda late so don’t know what to think? 😢
  • @RiaMushk thanks for the response! My temp went up this morning, so maybe I did ov? LH lighter again this AM! I’ll keep testing :) xx
  • Kd050811 said:
    Having a bit of an odd cycle this time.. I usually get LH surge on CD 13-15, and I get ov pains and sensitive breasts around ov too! This cycle, my LH looks darkest on CD 11 and then went down but didn’t actually surge(see pic).And I had the ov pains (much more mild) and sensitive breasts that day. No temp spike yet as it usually happens 2 days after a surge for me..any ideas? I’m assuming i didn’t surge/ ov yet, but my symptoms are suggesting otherwise! I’ll keep checking LH and temp in the meantime. Xx

    (also for those who followed bfp July- I was 2 days late for af so maybe that’s why I’m Possibly ov earlier? Anyone had this happen?)

    Just saw this post, I highly recommend trying Clearblue ovulation tests. This post was me for the last few months and it drove me mad. I felt like I was taking so many strips a day and all week to pin point my LH and I found myself hyper focusing on them and stressing out. I just started Clearblue digital and use it once a day for a few days until the screen shows a smiley face when LH surge happens. 
    I love this one! I get a simple yes or no each day and can carry on with my day without wanting to take another one to be sure.
    I also joust found this today, it shows the lines like on other tests when you eject the test strip.

  • Thanks for the welcome ladies 🙂 Fingers crossed and baby dust to everyone ✨

    I've been trying to get active and be out and about - keeps my mind off the TWW and makes the time go faster 🙈
  • @Kd050811 yeh it’s annoying, @Emmagem is right though the clearblue ones areas work. Although a lot more expensive! 
    I would get the clearblue one if I haven’t already got so many [email protected] strips... saying that, I do fancy a stress free cycle so I might purchase just for this month. 

    @Boden that was last month, I’m on CD1 today, AF in full flow. This month I’m not going to temp as it caused me too much stress and I lost sleep over it! 
    I’ve got a nice month coming up with a mini break and wedding anniversary etc so trying not to be too into the ttc for this month. 

  • CD 7 for me today so time to start BD bootcamp featuring SMEP, i feel tired just thinking about it🤣
  • Hi all, I had a smiley on my ovulation test 26/07/20 (day 20) we’ve done the deed yesterday and the day before. shall we go again tonight or can we now go every other day? we have a good sex life however more like twice a week so every day can be quite exhausting with working long day’s too! 
    Good luck to everyone! 
  • @Emmagem if this cycle doesn’t work out I may purchase the cb ov kit! Thanks! :) 
  • AF due in three days, early test 12DPO. Suuuuper FP or am I seeing things? 
  • @Bethanyjean my first time to do SMEP it was defs tough going lol we did all the days bar 1 just had no energy we both work shifts x
  • Hi ladies. Currently CD12 and had a temp drop this morning so guess OV is imminent. Been working a lot so have to squeeze in BDing tonight between when I'm home from work and sleeping, how romantic 🙈. Not home until 10:30pm and up again at 6:30am, will need a shower too. Gonna be dead on my feet tomorrow 😂
  • Hey all! Grim question alert. 
    How much ewcm is normal? I am now cd 13 and not expecting to ovulate for another 2 weeks at least. Last month I ovulated on cd 32. Yesterday morning I noticed I had a bit of ewcm in the morning so made a mental note to do an opk after work, which I did. Not significantly dark result. In the evening before bed I had a huuuge bit of ewcm when I wiped. I did the water test as OH and I had BDed sun morning so wanted to make sure it was definitely ewcm and not his leftovers. This blob was as big as or maybe even bigger than a 50pence piece and was reluctant to leave the tissue to go into the water. It stretched easily 10cm before bouncing back to its original form. It would not break. I had to remove it with my fingers. I called my OH to witness cos why should he miss out on the fun and he gagged 😂 
    I had ewcm around this time last cycle, and the cycle before. I can only assume its my body attempting to ovulate as I imagined it would have when I had 30 days cycles. Anyway, is this too much? Should I be concerned? Sorry if anyone is having lunch while reading this 😂😂

  • hello, me and my partner are trying for baby number 2 i have a little boy born 11th May 2017 very awful and horrible pregnancy and birth - he ended up being prem, being resuscitated and having to be in SCBU for 10 days so im very nervous this time round and hoping its different. i came off the single hormone pill on the 10th July, started bleeding on the 18th very strange bleed, stopped on 25th sat, unprotected sex yesterday then today i have lots of discharge today and a few cramps - i dont think i would have caught that quick but my last pregnancy i knew i was pregnant from day one, i felt the implantation - i know it sounds weird but i did feel it as i thought it was AF but the pain was much stronger and turned out to be the implantation. good luck to you all and i am excited to start this journey again. Baby dust to you all xxx 
  • @Emsy20 you can bd every other day from now as you've probably hit ovulation already.

    @Fairycakes88 good luck for your bd! As long as he finishes in the right place even a 5 minute session is fab 😆

    @Rosegold89 you do like to give details don't you! 😉😆 The more ewcm the better. I conceived both my girls with TONS of the stuff. Literally hanging down off the tissue like you've described, refusing to break or stick. Pmsl that your OH gagged 🙈🤣 

    Hi and welcome @Ashwee2428 👋 I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have an enjoyable pregnancy or birth last time. Fingers crossed for a much better one this time 🤞

    Babydust to all x
  • @HippieMama4 thank you so much!

    all this tracking and stuff seems so confusing - with my first we just let nature do its thing but this one i really want to be pregnant before christmas, what tips can you give me? when do you normally ovulate etc? is there any symptoms of ovulating without testing as i do want to get so involved and let it take over as i know i will let it. whens best to BD etc

    any help would be great thank you xx

  • @Ashwee2428 it depends low long your cycles are as to when you probably ovulate. If it's roughly 27-29 days long you'll probably ovulate between cd13-17. If you have longer cycles you will probably ovulate later. You can't go far wrong with dtd every other day through days 12-25 if you and your other half have the energy/opportunity to do so. That will cover you for ovulation happening anytime between those dates.

    If you haven't got the energy for that often, you could just watch your cm and when it gets watery or like egg white, dtd until a couple of days after it's dried up. I haven't had much cm the whole time we were trying, but since being on Pregnacare Conception vitamins this month I've had a lot more, which is good. 

    Make sure you're taking folic acid/folate or a pregnancy multivitamin with it in.

    Other than, enjoy yourselves! X
  • @Kd050811 Np :)  I thought I would share! @RiaMushk is right, they are more expensive but I find its worth the peace of mind.
    I bought a box of 20 tests and the digital and it was $50 CAD. I think I will only have to use 3-4 this month and hopefully 2-3 next time once I pin point my ov day.
  • Anyone doing the fertility diet??? or changing their diet?
    I am trying to eat healthy, but I dont have the best diet to begin with. Im just incorporating fruits, veggies and nuts daily. 
    Anyone have any super food suggestions, diets or routines they like?
  • @HippieMama4 it is very egg whitey/watery atm much more than usual - we dtd yesterday so maybe again tonight to be sure haha.
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