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This month’s journey on ttc

Hi ladies. So I am on cycle day 14 and today I did get a positive opk! This month we are trying spend meets egg plan for the first time so I will keep you posted on how it goes. I am having ovulation pains so all good signs right now. Follow and I will keep you updated!


  • Im CD 5 and going to do SMEP after hearing so many good things about it! Id love to know how you get on
  • Mom2alexisMom2alexis Regular
    edited Jul 26, 2020 6:15PM
    Yeah I heard so many successful stories with women using it so thought I would give it a try. My husband and I are trying for our second child together. I have one from a previous relationship. Each pregnancy took a while to conceive. So I am excited to try this plan and let others know how it goes. 
  • I’m cycle day 20 and just had a smiley on my clear blue ovulation test. I’m very excited because I’d got it in my head I wasn’t ovulating! My cycles are just long. doing the deed every day from now for a few days so fingers crossed! Good luck girls xx
  • I usually don’t use opks but with this plan you need them so I did get them for this. Keep us updated! Lots of baby dust to you ladies. 
  • No update as I am only 2 dpo but hope all is well with everyone. Baby dust to you all. 
  • I’m not due my period until around 14th August, so impatient just want that to hurry up so we know either way! How did you get on using the opk? 
  • Emsy20 said:
    I’m not due my period until around 14th August, so impatient just want that to hurry up so we know either way! How did you get on using the opk? 
    I’m only 3 days past my positive opk. Which I did have ovulation pain the same day. 
  • So today I am 4 dpo and so moody that I need to just stay in my room. Hope all is well with you ladies. Lots of baby dust to you all. 
  • @Mom2alexis me too! I’ve been so snappy at work! is it just me or can all you think about is getting pregnant?! I’m obsessed and can’t stop googling everything! when are you going to start testing? Have you used early prediction tests before? Good luck :) 
  • @Emsy20 I do think about a lot but I try to keep myself busy so I’m not obsessing over it because I get really obsessed with it and this month I am really trying to do better and I have done better. And not sure when I will test probably depends on if I’m having symptoms or not. 
  • 5 dpo: feel pretty good, so far i haven’t been moody but it’s only 10:30 am here so we will see. I have had some very mild cramping so maybe a good sign but not gonna get my hopes up. Hope all is well with you ladies. 
  • All is good here!! Im cd9 today so just trying to give it my all this month! My cycles are slightly longer so i wont start using opks until about cd13 xx
  • @Bethanyjean have you tried the sperm meets egg plan? This is our first month trying it but a lot of women have success with it. 
  • 6 dpo: haven’t been moody thank god. Feeling pretty good today. Last night I had horrible indigestion and didn’t have anything that I would usually get indigestion from so who knows. With my daughter, son, and my miscarriage I had horrible indigestion but just gotta wait and see. Hope all is well with you ladies. 
  • Sorry @Mom2alexis ive had such a busy day today! Its also our first month doing SMEP!
  • 6dpo here too! No symptoms to speak of. I don’t think I’m pregnant, I don’t think we bd enough! A few days before smiley result and then every day during smiley but it seems to have fizzled out with working shifts 
  • @Emsy20 you never know you could still get lucky this month. As for me I am now 7 dpo and it’s 6:27am here. My lower back hurts along with my stomach feeling sore around my pelvis. Just it’s still too early just yet. On a sad note a supposed medium on social media said it was going to take me a while to conceive again. Don’t really know how much I want to believe want they said. But still got 7 day to af so only god knows when it will happen. Fingers crossed for all of us. Hope the rest of you ladies are doing good. And thank you for giving me someone to talk to about the crazy adventures of ttc. Lots of baby dust to you all. 
  • Are you going to test soon or wait the 7 days until your due AF @Mom2alexis ? Sending you good wishes! 
    I don’t know when to test, don’t really know when AF due because my cycles are long/irregular however I had positive opk on 26th so thinking 2 weeks from here? 
  • @Emsy20 maybe in about 3 days. Not sure yet. 
  • @Emsy20 I would say test in a week maybe. 
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