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Premom app question please


I have got the Premom app and have been uploading my info. I uploaded last month's data from fertility friend (I didn't use opks last month, just temps, cm, cervix position etc.) and Premom said right from the beginning that I would ovulate tomorrow. Even now while I've been uploading opks this last week (which have all been negative/low so far) it is still saying on the home screen "High fertility, have sex today, ovulation day tomorrow!"

Why is it so insistent that I'll ovulate tomorrow, when last month it was either cd15 or cd19 and there as no signs at the moment that I will ovulate tomorrow.

When I was first setting the app up it put me to ovulate on cd12 and would NOT let me change/override it, and still won't. 

It's quite frustrating and it's making me panic that it won't actually recognise when I am coming up to ovulation based on positive tests, and won't recognise when I HAVE ovulated based on my temp changes.

Am I panicking for nothing and will it change tomorrow if I still have low opk readings? 

Thank you for reading, sorry it's long. It's just stressing me out and I thought doing this would make things easier! 

Babydust to all x


  • Just be consistant with your baby dancing and you'll be fine - if you are temping too you should see an increase in your temp to match the high opks. 
  • Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it.

    Dh has a very low libido and he can't manage every day, so I have to be certain that we don't miss the right time x
  • VRob123VRob123 Regular
    edited Jul 29, 2020 7:36AM
    Premom will update itself as you continue to put info in. As it’s only got 1 month data it’s still guessing a lot of info. Keep scanning your OPKs and it’ll update as your LH goes up. Remember that you ovulate 24-48 hours after a peak OPK so as long as you BD when it gets high you’ll be covered. Also it will only confirm ov after 3 raised temperatures so you’ll be 3dpo when it confirms.
  • @VRob123 that's great, thank you. I've uploaded today's strips and it says I had my peak just after lunch and it went to high tonight. It's also now noted my ovulation to tomorrow, so we'll see what the next few days bring x
  • @VRob123 oh my goodness I'm so confused! Premom is now telling me I'm 1dpo despite my temperature still being down this morning and my opks still getting darker. Fertility friends thinks I'll ovulate tomorrow. I've attached 3 photos. The second one you can see where it put me as having my peak yesterday but now it's just changed to high after inputting today's so far, even though you can clearly see the test line is much darker than the control line from this afternoon. I DON'T GET IT!!! 🤪😫 

    Can you offer any wisdom please? X

  • Hi Hun, it’ll update the more Info you put in. Just keep bd’ing to be covered. Some people peak for an hour, some for a couple of days. You can’t have a “1 app fits all”. If youre still getting highs then you’ve not ovulated. Keep going, nearly there!! Xx 
  • Thank you, I appreciate your advice. It has been updating as I've kept going with the tests. Today have been lower, so I just had the one strong peak yesterday. Didn't manage to bd last night, doubtful for tonight as well now. Having a bad day today x
  • Ooo hopefully you ov today or tomorrow if it’s on the way down! Sperm can last around 3 days so you’re not out. If you get a temp rise tomorrow then you ov’d today 
  • Each app will have its own slightly different algorithm and they will be different to each other. When I fell pregnant this month my apps were saying I ovulated over 3 different (luckily consecutive) days. To ensure I covered myself i made sure I bd before and on these days. 
  • Premom updates every day depending on the temps you put in. FF waits to tell you when you have ovulated once it has enough data and will change that if more data is put in after. 
  • Fingers crossed we bd enough/at the right time 🤞 x
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