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TTC Bby no3 after 4 years here we go !

Hi everyone. Haven’t been on this forum since my last daughter ( 4 years old ). We’ve decided to try for baby no3. I’ve had my period 6th July and 9 days past ovulation I’m actually having cramps ! Could cramping so early indicate pregnancy ? A week to go for my period... feels like I’m trying for my first 😀 you forget everything !

all replies are highly appreciated!!

good luck to all you amazing women ❤️


  • Hi @Bee.ilz just wanted to check in and say good luck. Cramping around 9dpo does sound promising but remember progesterone can also cause cramping. AF symptoms and early pregnancy symptoms are the same....our bodies are so cruel! Wishing you the best of luck. Xx
  • Thanks for your reply! Will keep posting. Had cramping on and off today. A week to go for AF. 

    Good luck to all 
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