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Ovulating after miscarriage

Hey everyone!
Any advice or stories please , having a down day.
I had a miscarriage in march and i’m non stop worrying that i just won’t fall pregnant again.
I have been using ovulation strips to track and this month i’m not sure if i’ve even had two lines to indicate i’m ovulating or that i’m tracking wrong due to my periods being messed up before i fell pregnant.
Any advice on peoples stories or any apps where i can track etc
Ive got flo but i know some people use an app to take photos of their strips so it tells you the peaks etc xx


  • Sorry to hear about your mc... Hope you are doing OK. Yeh flo doesn't really tell you anything useful - get premom that's the one where you take photos... I got pregnant first month of using that. It will take a while for your body to sync up again but plenty of people have a mc and go straight on to have a healthy baby. 
  • Hi

    I'm sorry about your mc. 

    I had a partial molar pregnancy years ago and when the hormones finally left my body (6 months) we had to wait another 3 months then could try again. I got pregnant that first month. Unfortunately I miscarried at 5+4 weeks but got pregnant again the following month and had a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

    After 12 months of ttc I got pregnant this year but devastatingly had a missed miscarriage in May, followed by an ERPC. I don't think I ovulated the next cycle as I was still showing positive in blood tests after 5 weeks, but I did then ovulate last cycle. Unfortunately we didn't time bd correctly last month and I didn't get pregnant. I'm due to ovulate today or tomorrow so keeping our fingers crossed for this month. 

    Statistics show that women are usually very fertile following a miscarriage, and most go on to have a healthy pregnancy within 6 months. X
  • Sorry to hear about your mc. Try not to stress, you will fall pregnant again. I had a mc in November,  i am now 11 weeks pregnant after a lot of very irregular periods since the mc. Apps wont tell you much for irregular periods. I used ovulation tests and did them since cd 10 as you wont know when you will ovulate with irregular cycles. Good luck x 
  • Thank you everyone! so just keep doing what i’m doing and just try not to stress? Aha x
  • I would say so @lily211 you got pregnant once no reason to assume you wouldn't again. 
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