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My unusual TWW signs before I confirmed my BFP!

Hi all, I wanted to share my  fairly uncommon symptoms which I had during my TWW before I got my BFP confirmed.

7-11 DPO-> Vivid dreams, restlessness at night

8-13 DPO->  pain in my butt hole, which was present all day, everyday and persisted through to what would have been day 1 of my new cycle. NB: I have no haemorrhoids.

8-9 DPO-> Strange urge to "be careful" and avoid any strenuous activities. 

7DPO-present-> Yawning alot (but not feeling fatigued)

The normal symptoms I had were :

8-9 DPO-> twinges in my lower abdomen
7-13 DPO-> Breasts swelled up but NO soreness, very mild on and off cramping, tightness in abdomen (I couldn't do exercises that involved sucking up my tummy)

Common signs that I DIDNT have

- Implantation bleeding
-Sore breasts
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