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Dark red bleeding cd19 and cd20

Hi I have a 27-28 day cycle 

my af came July 12 and ended July 17th I only had sex twice, July 21 (the condom broke it was ejaculatuon everywhere in me) and then sex again July 25th (protected) later the night of the 25th (cd14)I had ovary pain Felt like my ovaries were being pulled tugged and rearranged made me sit down during the remainder of the night I never felt anything like it so I assumed Ovulation? it only lasted for a few hrs then on July 28 I masterbated and had a orgasm😩afterwards I spotted few specks of pink in my cm but on the 29th I was a bit dry but with some sort of yellow pale snot like discharge but on july30 3am I had spotting and then started lightly bleeding dark red only if I stuck my finger in or went to wipe it got slightly runny and heavy for a hr that was it but I had dull cramps. Today it’s a tiny bit of spotting color is still the same though. I’m always on time if I’m late it’s by a day if I’m early it’s by a day 

has anyone else ever had bleeding 8 days before the actual period? 


  • Sounds odd but can happen. I'd take a test in about 4-5days and if negative just assume your period came early
  • I had bleeding mid cycle a few months ago. I went to the doctor and had a smear test and was told I have something called a cervical ectropian. can caused bleeding and also an increase in CM 
  • Thank you for your comment :..does a cervical ectropian cause heavy bleeding as well
  • @Getinmybelly11 it lasted about 2 day’s and was quite heavy the first day. I would still take a test in a few days though just in case 
  • @Emsy20 sounds like mine second day wasn’t as heavy but flowing only when I wipe but I will test Thursday of my expected period thank you 

    one more thing does cervical ectropian cause pain in the uterus and cervix ? like when I go to sit down my uterus cervix one of them is so sore lol
  • Ok so I took a test and after 5 minutes I checked it and it’s a dark line and faint line 😩my heart just dropped 
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