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Very scared after positive test after still birth this year

Honey1991Honey1991 Regular
edited Aug 3, 2020 8:05AM in Trying to conceive
hey everyone feeling rather scared right now. 
I had a still birth in April 2020 my baby girl was full term. 
Still waiting for results. 

Anyhow i haven’t been feeling quite right if that makes sense and not exactly been carfeful but never thought anything would happen due to it taking me long amounts of time to conceive. 

I took a cheap test strip on the 1st of August as I have been feeling rather tired then normal and just felt off , crazy right because my period isn’t due untill the 8th!! But that’s based on a 31 day cycle and my last 2 have been around 29. 
I got a very very faint second line!!
test in the afternoon same again. 
Test the next morning same again. 
This point I’m going mad because the line are super super faint, I know it was so early But I  brought clear blue digital and normal test that will show a cross if pregnant. 
To impatient I get home and do both of them in the afternoon! The digital
shows 1-2 weeks and the test came back with a cross. So I know that’s a positive but I still can’t get my hear around it. I don’t believe it for a start and I don’t think I will untill the test strips go darker but then I guess I still have 5 days untill my expected period or slightly before if my cycle stay at 29 days. With obviously having a chemical before I’m very nervous and obviously having a stillbirth I I’m very scared right now!!!


  • Sounds like you're pregnant x
  • Congratulations @Honey1991
  • @Honey1991 : I can't even begin to imagine how you feel about your stillbirth, I'm so sorry about this. I had an early miscarriage and when I got pregnant again (5 months later) I was terrified I wouldn't get past the 12 weeks scan. But I knew stressing about it would not help. I ended up with a very healthy pregnancy and now have a very healthy little boy (17 months). 
    I can imagine you have mixed emotions right now but each pregnancy is different. Sorry if it sounds a bit harsh but we have no control about how our pregnancy will go (to some extent). Take each day as it comes and look after yourself. I'm really hoping this is your sticky rainbow bean :) 

    Keep us posted. x

  • So sorry about your little girl. I hope the results give you some answers. My brother and sister in law had a still birth a few years ago full term. They went to sands charity for a while for support. 
    I just can’t imagine how they felt and what they went through, it was awful enough being an aunty. A huge congratulations on your rainbow 🌈 
  • Thanks eveyone , still feeling uneasy I know I got positives on the clear blues but the strip ones are so faint still so feeling a bit nervous about that 😩 x
  • Does this look like good progression?? X
  • Are you taking first morning urine every time? sticks 4 and 5 look more faint but then it gets darker again so a bit confused, are these in chronological order?. Have you tried to do a first response test? I know they are a bit more pricey but they are worth the peace if mind in my opinion. Good luck to you. 
  • @Mary58 hey I have done clear blue digital and normal one that shows a cross and both positive, I guess I’m just being really paranoid ☹️ I think it’s because Iv still got 3-4 days before my period is due still do I guess will just have to see x 
  • Honey1991Honey1991 Regular
    edited Aug 4, 2020 12:36PM
    @Mary58 the green sticks may be a little messed up in order but the last one I did today 
  • I'm so sorry to hear about your little girl, I can't imagine what you've been through and how you feel. I hope the tests give you some answers and some peace.

    I've heard that the Clearblue tests need quite a bit of hcg to get positive results, so I would definitely say that you're pregnant! Congratulations!

    I understand you'll be in shock and feeling really nervous, but I really hope this is your rainbow baby 💗🌈 x
  • The last one is definitely darker so it's a very good sign. Keeping my fingers crossed for you it is your rainbow baby. x
  • @HippieMama4
    Thankyou, it has been a very tough few months that’s for sure and now I’m edge completely but I need to learn to relax. I was shocked at the clear blue ad it was 1 weeks before my period that I got the results 😳 that’s what I found strange but I’m trying to stay positive and got another positive strip this morning so will have to keep going a day at a time x 
  • Wow, that's a good sign then that you got the result a week before you period was due! X
  • Thanks eveyone, missed period now and should be 5 weeks tomorrow, Iv just been told I am allowed a reassurance scan from 6 weeks so that’s good! X 
  • @Honey1991
    Congrats there beaut.
    May you be blessed this time.
    Blessed be ♀️♂️
  • Hi eveyone , little update for you all. I am now 27+2 weeks and eveything is going great with baby no 2 so far 🙏. Taking asprin and blood thinning injections eveyday this time round. I will also be induced 3 weeks early, being seen your  the mid wife every 2 weeks and growth scan every 4 so Feeling re assured. Hopefully baby will be here end of March! Xx 
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