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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • So what’s days should we BD? 
  • @Katieking22 if I was sure those were my dates Id bd a day or 2 before as well as in the 29th and 30th. Thats what I would do anyways. 
    Will you be using the opk as its hard to miss your peak if your tracking
  • @Kylie1987 I suppose its your own personal choice. If you can avoid it and your more comfortable doing so then you should. 
    I had a drink or 2 in my tww if I had something on. Nothing too strong. I would have a white wine spritzer and sip it more so to avoid questions or anything else. 
    I know in my last 2 pregnancies I overthinked everything and I hope the next time I wont do that as much
  • Really sorry to hear the stories of your losses. You are very strong women to get through that. I also agree just how supportive everyone is here!

    I think I'm about 7dpo today, but not sure as not properly tracking. I'm already feeling out though - Not to be negative but last month when I had the chemical I  had
    Such sore boobs (couldn't sleep) and I'm not getting a whiff of anything this month - so even though I know it means nothing, and it's way early I'm of course writing myself off this month! But then again your talking to someone who actually was looking for symptoms and I forgot I hadnt even ovulated yet - so I think I need to chill out somewhat.

  • @Yasmin85 Thank you. And to you too you have had your own difficult journey. Its so hard not to overthink every wee thing. 
    Early days for you yet. Keep positive and hopefully you will get your bfp very soon xx
  • @Kylie1987 I think anything before implantation occurs (6-10DPO) is usually fine.

    @Jaydenl42 you can call your doctor and request a blood test? Also, have you been use cheap pregnancy tests or FRER's? Its also possible to be late because of high stress levels which could extend your cycle.
  • @Poca92 I have done the FRER, could be but I just don’t see myself being stressed is all, that is probably it, I get stressed easily but I just don’t think it’s any different from any other month. 
  • @Jaydenl42 it really good be stress that we're unaware of. But there are also some ladies who tracked their ovulation and realized a couple times they ovulated late and that is was extended their cycle. I would wait another couple days to account for possible late ovulation (up to a week late maybe?) and then test again. If nothing happens, then definitely call your GP to talk about it.
  • @RiaMushk AF due for me the 17th Sept so we would be very close! 

    Hi to everyone new here - hoping there are lots of BFP's in September! 
  • af is due any time between the 8th and the 13th for me, still getting negative ovulation tests although I'm using the clear blues, but I'm wondering if I have a short lutheral stage, this will make it more clear to me anyway xxx
  • Hello ladies how are we all today? 

    Im currently 4DPO and driving myself crazy, why is the tww the longest ever? 

    Hope your all well and have a lovely day x
  • Morning ladies, hope you all have a lovely stress free day 💕 
    @Lauren0107 we are very close I’m currently 2DPO and already going crazy... ✨🤞🏻When is your AF due? X

  • @Kylie1987  The placenta doesn’t implant until 6 weeks so baby doesn’t share your blood supply until then. So I think that having alcohol should be fine?. 

    I had an ultrasound today as I have had a lot of right sided pelvic pain. I have an ovarian cyst so didn’t ovulate this cycle 😔😔 so Im out this month! Starting to get really frustrated and sad now. 

    Anyhow I’ll try keep up with the conversations and goodluck! I hope we see some BFPs! 
  • @Kylie1987 according to the premom app im due on 5th which would be 30 day cycle my last cycle was 36 days and the one prior was 32 days so I'm not 100 percent sure. I've woken up with the worst headache which is cause my to overthink but also dont want to get my hope us!  When are you due AF? 

    @KristyH so sorry to hear that are they going to give you any treatment for the cysts? I know its hard but try remain positive because it WILL happen! Sending lots of love your way and im always here if you need to chat. 
  • @Lauren0107 aw thanks love. I appreciate it. It’s a functional cyst which means that it didn’t burst open and release the egg. Most commonly it’s because of a hormone mis balance. They’re apparently really common and often will go away after a few cycles. This is my second one in 6 months now. I’ve got really irregular periods and really full on pms symptoms too. So I’m starting to wonder if there’s something more going on. 
  • @Lauren0107 I’m due AF on 7th which is also a 30day cycle for me according to the premom app. My last cycle was 28days. I think as we input data it alters doesn’t it. Yesterday I had terrible cramping most of the day and My uterus felt So heavy, I know it’s prob just me picking out every little symptom and the whole tww I know it will be like that. I need to relax a little I didn’t get any symptoms with my last pregnancy and only knew once I received a BFP. 

    @KristyH I’m so sorry to hear about your news. Hopefully they can sort this for you as soon as. Sending you hugs. Stay positive as Lauren said and it WILL happen✨💞
  • @KristyH it must be so frustrating for you because you haven't even had the chance this month. Hopefully it won't happen again. If your worried I dont think any harm would be done speaking to the doctor about it? 

    @Kylie1987 yes it does alter slightly but also aware my month could be longer,  36 days last month was the worst. I'm really struggling already thinking I have lots of symptoms im on holiday from work next week and I know i will be demented but we just have to wait and see! Do you start testing before AF is due? 
  • @Lauren0107 Oh bless you that’s not going to help, try and keep yourself occupied. Luckily I have quite a bit of uniform shopping to do and some bits to get sorted so hoping that will keep me busy.
    this is my first cycle actually tracking properly so I’ve never before known how many dpo I had been. I think I will wait until AF is due as I don’t think I’m brave enough - actually already scared to get a BFN!! However depending if I get any symptoms I may be a devil 😬 How about you?? X 
  • @Kylie1987 I know its typical we were meant to go away for a few days but my oh had a new job offer and couldn't turn it down which means he isn't off with me like originally planned just trying to keep positive and I will just decorate something in the house to keep my mind busy. I know im already trying to prepare myself for the BFN! I think I will wait until the day premom says I'm due and take it from there but again i get so obsessed with PT until Af arrives. Least were in it together x
  • @Poca92 okay thank you I appreciate the advice! 
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