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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • That makes perfect sense. Thanks so much for explaining.💕✨xx
  • @Kylie1987 your welcome 😘 xx
  • @Kylie1987 Did i read that right? your trying for baby #4 ?? I have to ask, how do you guys afford it? does your hubby have a really good job? My hubby already had 1 child when we met and now we have one together. We are trying for baby #3 (#2 for me). He says he is good with one more, but i have always wanted 3 kids of my own but that would be 4 total to afford for us.. 
    We also just bought a house this year so money can be tight. I just would love to have 3 bio kids but i dont know if i can convince him of that, unless im luck enough to have twins! lol
  • Hiya. Can I join you lovely ladies for TTC in August. 
    I miscarried twins in December at 8 weeks and lost my little boy in May at 16 weeks. 
    TTC this month and feeling a bit apprehensive and cannot wait to test. The wait is killing me this time. I fell pregnant in the first month of trying with my last 2 pregnancies but I dont feel so positive this time. 
  • @Emmagem yes baby #4 it’s only as expensive as you make it. Myself and hubby work hard To keep our busy family happy. We’ve both come from big families
    There is me and 4 siblings and he also has 4 siblings! Christmas is busy let’s say!!! 
    You need to play your cards right... my sisters husband swore he wasn’t having anymore children after their 2 girls and last year my nephew arrived.. it can happen 😉
  • @Ada34 hiya!! Welcome sending you lots of baby dust✨🤞🏻

    so sorry to hear about your MC with twins and also your little boy 😔 I too lost my little boy at 16weeks in May this year also💔
    where abouts are you in your cycle x
  • EmmagemEmmagem Regular
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    @Kylie1987 If you have any money saving tricks I would love to know! I'm really good with my money and saving but I think the financial side of 4 kids still freaks hubby out haha!

    @Ada34 Welcome! sorry to hear what you have been through with your 2 pregnancies xx you came to right place, we are all on our own journeys here supporting one and other!
    There are several ladies through out this website that have also had MCs and i'm sure they would be more than willing to help you through what ever you need xx We are all here for one and other :smile:

  • Thank you @Kylie1987. Fingers crossed. 
    Its been the worst time.
    Im 7 DPO and the wait is killing me. Part of me assumes that if I got pregnant the last 2 times first month of trying it should just happen again first time. Im trying to remind myself each time and cycle is different and my body has been through alot this last 10 months. 
    How are you now after losing your little boy. 
  • Thank you @Emmagem
    Everyones journey is so different but all looking for the same thing. It helps for sure to talk to people in the same boat. 
  • @Ada34 welcome. So sorry to hear about your losses. My son was stillborn in February 2016. Hope you get your bfp soon xx
  • @Mrs_T. so sorry to hear this 💔I cannot bare to imagine the heartache going through that. Sending you hugs x
  • @Mrs_T. The heartache must of been unbearable. Im so sorry for your loss. 
  • @Kylie1987 @Ada34 thank you ladies ❤️, there are truly no words to describe it nor the journey afterwards xx
  • Joining as I’ll be given letrozole soon
  • @Mrs_T. what an awful experience my thoughts are with you, i almost lost my little boy, he was prem and had to be resuscitated and then was taken to SCBU for 10 days and that experience was horrible which is why im a bit apprehensive to have baby number 2, my pregnancy with him was hard and worrying from start to finish and its always in my mind what if it happens again and we arn't so lucky this time, my partner had already lost a son 1 day old due to the hospital error and seeing him going through what we did really effected him xxx 
  • CD1 for me - AF has finally decided to pay me a visit! What are the best apps to use to help track and monitor ovulation / temping etc.? Here's wishing you all BFP's this month! xx
  • Hiya @TeeAli22 welcome.
    ive been using “FLO” app for quite a while however a few ladies on here recommended the “premom” app and “fertility friend” which both I’m really liking and using at the moment ✨🤞🏻X
  • @Kylie1987 Hey :) - thanks for this! I've just downloaded FLO and Fertility Friend - here's hoping to a successful month for us all! Next AF should be 17th Sept and it's my 30th on the 15th so what a lovely birthday present that would be haha! x 
  • @Ashwee2428 thank you. I'm sorry to hear you had such a traumatic time with your little boy, can understand you worrying about baby number 2. I went on to have my rainbow baby in Jan 2017 but it wasn't straight forward, I fell and broke my knee at 16 weeks pregnant and then needed an emergency c-section and developed an infection. There are lots of people however who have a smooth ride second time round. Sorry to hear about your partners loss I can only imagine how traumatic it was for him with your son too. Sending love xxx

    @TeeAli22 welcome. I use fertility friend. Ah that would be a fantastic present!

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