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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • @Mrs_T. im so happy to hear you received your rainbow!! oh bloody hell what a time you had!! he also went on to have his daughter who is now 16. so this baby would be our 4th, my second, his 3rd biological and 4th that he calls his own. xxx

  • @TeeAli22 your welcome.. sending you lots of baby dust for this month✨💕 what a fantastic birthday present. Let’s all keep each other updated xx
  • @Ashwee2428 I know! I clearly don't do things by halves! Hope you get your bfp soon. Where abouts are you in your cycle now?xx
  • @Mrs_T. thank you - sorry to hear about the awful experience you have had previously. Hopefully this is your month!

    @Kylie1987 yes lots of baby dust going around - fingers crossed!

    @Ashwee2428 nice to see a familiar face in this thread :) 
  • Hi @TeeAli22 :) 
    @Mrs_T. im on CD7 today :) 

  • Hello ladies, hope its ok to join. Little background, been ttc for what feels like forever, have suspected PCOS, will be starting my 5th IUI this month. Just waiting to start my period (sometimes this week) and then will be starting Letrozole and FSH shots and then trigger HCG shots before insemination. Keeping everything crossed that this time (they have changed my drug regime) we are successful. Baby dust to all this month x
  • Kylie1987 said:
    Welcome @Revbomb✨X
    I’m picking up my provera today 
  • Hi I’m in from the August chat. Hoping like u all for a BFP for September now that my August AF has arrived x
  • Thank you @TeeAli22 hope we all have some good news by the end of September x
  • Welcome @Kazam2817 and @GwentonEmmy lovely to have you ladies joining us. How are we all today? CD12 for me today, starting my clear blue OPKS today.✨🤞🏻X
  • Hi @Kylie1987 I’ve no idea on anything as I had rod in arm for over 8 years so plying by ear at min. This is my third time since being removed in feb that AF has shown up. I lost in May. So when it comes to ovulation and stuff I’ve not a clue. Only this and last month been same date. June was earlier in month. So I’m still learning my body. X
  • Our bodies are so amazing yet so difficult to understand! I’ve only recently started listening to my body when TTC and it’s only when we do I have realised how much I missed if that makes sense or brushed over as something else! Sending you lots of baby dust for this coming month ✨x
  • Hello all, just waiting on the witch to arrive so can start my medication should be today or tomorrow. My blood test this week again showed i'm not ovulating so that is a bit frustrating. However, the drugs I am taking this month once the witch arrives should help stimulate that so here's hoping for this month.
  • Hello everybody. 
    Im on CD22 and the wait now is killing me. I didnt know I wanted it so much until now. We left it to chance this month but will definitely be tracking the next cycle if I dont get a bfp. 
    Hope we all get lovely exciting news soon 
  • Hi all. I’m CD17 today. My app recommends we BD every other day from yesterday but I’m sooo exhausted! And our dog isn’t well so our minds are just elsewhere. But do not want to miss the chance this month. 

    How’s everyone else feeling 
  • Hi All, hope it is ok to join... CD17 - had a trigger shot CD12 and bd’ing last few days. Not extremely hopeful this month. First month back with doctor so could only do a bit of the treatment plan. Will have it full on next month... oh but wouldn’t it be lovely to get a BFP this month... 
    This will be our 6th month TTC - but sometimes in the last few months I feel like we may have not done it at the right time or enough times if you get me. 

    Baby dust to all x 

  • Ladies I am looking for some help if you can. As you may be aware I have been terrible with stress the past few months with ttc so I stopped opks as I was becoming obsessed this month i have decided to opk and temp all going fine i believe (dont really understand the temp chart) my cycle has become longer the past few months but im currently on cd13 and feeling my opks are still really low i know the app is indicating its high but my peaks in the past have been over 2.0 is this normal and do you think im possibly on my way to ovulation? (I know the timings are out on my opks its because I take a picture then upload later as working and dont have much time) 
  • hiya @Lauren0107
    im using the same sticks and app as you. I’ve only started on CD8 and my readings were indicating low to start but I’m currently on CD12 and they are still low but also showing the numbers being lower than CD8🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m confused also. So I brought the clear blue 2 most fertile day OPKs yesterday and started using them today testing twice daily. I can’t really see your results as the picture isn’t very clear. X 
  • @Kylie1987 Sorry I didn't realise the image is so blurry. mine have been under 0.5 (up and down) today was 0.5 and its coming through as a high reading. I'm worried im not ovulating at all!! In previous months I have ovulated around cd15 maybe just bd to be safe. May look into the clear blue just read it can be costly im not very good at detecting symptoms either just feel so lost with it all again 😢 x
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