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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • @Aplus, may be worth just carrying on as you are and a pattern will start to show up, everyone's charts seem to be a little bit different. 
    I've just looked back through my charts from the least 8 months and I sometimes get a spike a few days into my period too, then it goes back down before ovulation. 
  • @Poca92
    I just answered there, nice!
    Yeah the only thing I haven't tried yet are the opks. Its just hard to track O because Im pretty sure that the mittleschmerz pain means I'm ovulating but sometimes when I count back from cd1, the pain doesn't add up with the right o day and sometimes it does. This month I used the method of adding however many days longer your cycle is, to 14 days into your cycle to pinpoint O. For example if you have a 28 day cycle, you'll ovulate on cd14, but if you have a 32 day cycle you'll add 4 days to cd14 and that's the day you ovulate (28+4=32) and so on. That's how I tracked this cycle and it didn't work so. 
  • And yes I just downloaded fertility friend this afternoon after someone asked to see my chart, so I'm going to do my best with that
  • @littlefig
    Ok that's good to know I was really confused when I saw that it was up again! I'll just see where it goes from here, thanks
  • Mrs_T.Mrs_T. Regular
    edited Sep 17, 2020 6:19AM
    @Aplus I use fertility friend and honestly it makes it so much easier to interpret. It's easier to see the ovulation spike xx
  • BethanyjeanBethanyjean Regular
    edited Sep 17, 2020 6:36AM
    Morning ladies 7dpo for me and i feel like im out for this month. Ive had burning sensation in my lower back and twinges in my belly - this all happened last month and i was so sure it was a positive test but AF arrived. So i guess its just a new early symptom of AF😔xx
  • @bethanyjean ah sorry to hear you think you are out. 7dpo is still early though so you may not be!

    I'm now cd16 and still no ovulation so I'm worried that I'm going to have a really long cycle xx
  • @Mrs_T. TTC is so mentally draining! I dont ovulate until around CD20/21 and i hate it so much, the wait is horrible for it xx
  • Still no AF as I was feeling rough yesterday. Picked up Tesco tests just in case but not holding my breath. How is everyone this morning x
  • @Bethanyjean
    I am just behind you at 6dpo.
    Try not to lose hope. There is always a chance. Af symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are the same so it best not to read too much into it all. I know a few months ago I had loads of CM at about 9 or 10dpo that kept going. This was totally unusual for me and I had a little more hope than usual. AF showed up on time. Symptom spotting is mentally exhausting. So what I have learnt from my 17 cycles ttc is I don't test unless af is late. I don't symptom spot because it rarely means anything and that way I am happier. It doesn't mean I am not upset everytime af arrives but at least I am not driving myself mad before it arrives. 
  • @FlossyLZ its lovely having someone close in the TWW it makes it feel a little less lonely. I never test unless AF is late, been TTC for 3 months (so nothing compared to you) for my first baby and still havnt taken a test. I just worry becuase weve never been pregnant before what if i cant get pregnant? Cant seem to shift it out of my mind. Hope you are well and holding up xx
  • I’m now 10dpo so close with you guys also! I’m 100% not testing until AF is late. I tested so many times last month as didn’t know when AF was due due to my mc in July so now I’m just waiting! I feel happier this cycle already because I’m not being so psychotic with testing! Xxx
  • Mrs_T.Mrs_T. Regular
    edited Sep 17, 2020 8:33AM
    @Bethanyjean it totally is! Do you have a 14 day luteul phase? It's the not knowing for me when I'm going to ovulate at the moment that is stressing me as I'm waiting for my body to settle after birth control. It was cd16 last cycle (first off the mini pill) so was hoping it would be the same this cycle but apparently not. Hoping its going to be in the next few days.

    @GwentonEmmy when was/is AF due?

    @emmacharlotte everything crossed for you. Glad you are happier this cycle
  • @Mrs_T. No my LP is 12 days, and i usually start to spot/have tinged CM at 10dpo so i dont know if that means its only actually 10dpo xx
  • Looks like my tests weren’t anything to be excited about as have kept testing and the line is pretty much non existant now so am guessing it’s another failed IUI 😢 oh well just have to try again next time. 

    Hope everyone is well today x
  • @Bethanyjean I was told if you can ovulate u can get pregnant unless an underlining issue. It won’t always happen straight away. We are all here for all ups and downs. 

    @Mrs_T. I’m assuming I’m due tomorrow (18th) as last month and July was 18th. I had rod removed in last day of feb lost in may without a period. My first was 11th June then 18th July, 18th aug so by that I’m assuming 18th September. Xx
  • @bethanyjean ahh thank you, I know everyone's cycle is different but helpful to know.

    @Kazam2817 oh I'm sorry to hear this. Is it your bloods on the 22nd?

    @GwentonEmmy sorry to hear about your loss. Will you wait until after the 18th to test if no AF?

  • @GwentonEmmy ive got numerous/previous health issues which is why i worry so much xx
  • @Mrs_T. yes bloods in 22nd so will still just have to wait it out. I should know by now after so many failed attempts not to get my hopes up but I try to be ever the optimist, will keep you updated but I am pretty sure it’s another negative.

    i hope you ovulate soon. I have long cycles and don’t normally ovulate until after cd21 and they suck lol, good luck x
  • @Kazam2817 definitely keep us posted. I hope things work out! Sorry you ovulate later in your cycle, it is however reassuring to know that it can be 'normal' xx 
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