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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • @GwentonEmmy ah, I'm sorry it's af. How is it now, later in the day?

    @Rainbows&BabyDust yes, it's like a wonder supplement lol! 

    @Kazam2817 ah ok. I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you that this is the one. The bfps lately seem to have had no symptoms and everyone was convinced they were all out, so you never know, the run might keep going! 🤞🤞🤞

    @Pennylane87 I would say you ovulated on cd20 and at a push could have been cd23. It usually goes with the rule of 3 over 6. So three temperatures need to be higher than the previous 6.

    @Sjn87 my dh also took 3000mg a day, but in the form of 3 tablets a day. He was strict with the 3 times a day the first month he started taking them, then once I conceived he stopped. After we lost the baby he started taking them again but he never took it at lunch when at work, so he often only took 2, so not the right dose. I then bought him the powder form which dissolves in water/juice. Except it didn't dissolve, so he was shaking/swilling it in the glass, then having a mouthful straight away then swilling it again, mouthful straight away and so on. That was also a chore, so if we did it again I would definitely go for the one tablet a day option!

    @Aplus it always starts a new chart on the first day of your cycle. So your previous data should be on a previous chart. X
  • @HippieMama4 still the same. It will hit tomorrow properly. First day is always weak and then boom she hits like she don’t like me lol 😂 
  • Ahh i found it @HippieMama4 thanks. I started charting 2dpo O day was sept 1st. I am currently on cd5.
  • @GwentonEmmy bloody witch, she doesn't half like to keep us on our toes doesn't she 😠

    @Aplus that's good that you found it. Sending you lots of babydust x
  • @HippieMama4
    Thanks baby dust to you too
  • @HippieMama4 looking forward to a new start to the next cycle. Hoping to trick OH into a trip to hobbycraft tomorrow. Well it will help me feel better about AF arriving when not wanted lol x
  • Girls I think I’m gonna come on early. Got really heavy boobs and bad back ache now! It’s way to early for these signs of pregnancy. I’m only 10dpo xxx
  • @emma Charlotte
    Noo its not too early, if implantation took place,  on 8 or 9 dpo your backache and sore boobs would be right on cue I think. Hcg would be climbing, causing you to have symptoms now at 10dpo. Got my fingers crossed for you it sounds good to me!
  • OMG I hope so @Aplus. Going to go away next week and only test when I get home on the Thursday or friend! I just feel like it’s to good to be true and I’ll get AF early. My peak was on cd 15 xxx
  • @nish2578 my period would come on time or a day late (I’m very regular). And then that cycle would seem normal after a couple days. Just the hormones coming back to normal were hard to deal with the first couple days 

  • @Aplus I don’t temp, I just use a cm based type of NFP, so I’m not sure about your temps. Are you in any fb groups for NFP or FAM? They are usually pretty knowledgeable. I have a great one I can recommend if you’re interested 
  • @Bethanyjean I know just how you feel! Before we had our first child, I wasn’t sure if we could have kids due to some prenatal trauma my husband had (long story). But we ended up having a chemical pregnancy the first month and then pregnant the second month! Then had my son 2 years later (conceives first cycle). Now my son is almost 3.5 and we just started trying again and I’ve had two chemical pregnancies in a row. Nothing is guaranteed one way or another, and I’m trying to just enjoy my life and not stress too much. *hugs*
  • @GwentonEmmy in terms of losing weight, it’s all about calories. MyFitnessPal is a great easy app to use to track all your food and activity. Weigh/measure all for for a while to see why you eat regularly and it gets easier to do over time. I’ve lost over 100lb using it two different times (I gain a lot of weight when pregnant)
  • @KristinO1987 thank u I’ll install that. Defo need to sort something out. I appreciate the help and advice xx
  • Hi @Ami612 can’t hurt to BD again tonight 😊 welcome!
  • Thank you @HippieMama4 and @Mrs_T. for your answers. I am feeling achey like AF is on her way. Pretty devastated to be honest. Ah well I will at least have a full chart to show my specialist tomorrow and hopefully start fertility meds 🤞
  • @Aplus thank you hun 😘 it is what it is. 🤞 For next month 
  • @Mrs_T. I scanned my ovaries today out of curiosity. I told myself I wouldn’t do it this month but I couldn’t help myself. Whoops haha. I haven’t ovulated yet and it doesn’t look like it will happen in the next day or so. So maybe by Monday? I’m not sure why I’ve had the spotting then. But I’m kindve glad because DH is home sick with gastro so not really in the BD’ing mood. I also don’t want to get it. How are you travelling? Has the spotting stopped?? 
  • Mrs_T.Mrs_T. Regular
    edited Sep 18, 2020 6:25AM
    @KristyH oh that sounds really interesting! I'm not sure with the spotting either but I had some brown streaked cm CD 12&13 only once on cd13,then it went to red streaked sometimes cd14&15 then nothing! Cd17 today temp dipped slightly yesterday and again this morning so I'm hoping will spike tomorrow to indicate ovulation but who knows! It's very strange!if it is ovulation related it's not seeming to happen directly before for either of us! Which is a good thing if your hubby is poorly. Hope you don't get it!xx
  • @KristinO1987 thank you, thats the thing stressing me out is the not knowing. And everyone i know around me seems to be getting pregnant which is making each cycle harder for me xx
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