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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • @GwentonEmmy what crafty things are you hoping to get today?

    @Pennylane87 good luck for your appointment today!

    @KristyH that must be fab being able to do scans on yourself! Fingers crossed your hubby gets better soon and ovulation will fall right on when you are able to bd 🤞 x
  • @HippieMama4 box frames, baskets for hampers, ribbon for the personalised baubles. Also glitter and fake snow for snow globes. And look at prices for vinyl cutter. (I’ve hinted to OH for Xmas) lol xx
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    @Mrs_T. Do you normally ovulate on a particular CD? Fingers crossed for you it’s in the next few days! Keep us posted. 

    @HippieMama4 yeah its a great job! We do a lot of obstetrics and gynaecology scans so I know a lot about all things babies. Also very convenient when I just want to check what’s going on down there. I’ve had 2 cycles where I didn’t ovulate so it made the 2WW much more bearable knowing we had 0% chance.  Although I do have to try hard to not obsess over it! How are you going lovely? Have you booked your scan in yet? 
  • Morning ladies, 
    Hope everyone is ok today. @KristinO1987 thank you for your message and we sure did BD last night too. My OPK's have been showing as positive for two days now but i had really bad right pelvic pain (im pretty sure i get ovulation pains as this pain was on the left side last month after my positive OPK).
    @Pennylane87 please don't give up! This could be a sign of pregnancy too..  don't give up until the witch shows her ugly face. 
    @Mrs_T. i tell myself every month im not going to take OPK's... and every month i break my rules haha... TTC makes me crazy haha. I've got my fingers crossed for you and hope this is your month. 
    @Bethanyjean I know exactly how you feel.. I think the fact people are pregnant is highlighted when you are trying.. everyone seems to be pregnant, adverts on the tv seems to all be about pregnancy and it feels totally heartbreaking.. just please remember you are not alone and talk talk talk. Don't let yourself get discouraged and down because of it. Keep smiling, we are all here. xxx

  • @Ami612 Thank you so much, work is super stressful at the minute so i think everything is getting on top of me. I love knowing i have all you lovely ladies to speak to xx
  • @KristyH I only came off the mini pill at the end of July. I ovulated on cd16 last month, the month I conceived my daughter it was cd10 so I've no idea if it will take some time to settle! Makes it difficult as I'm paranoid about missing it so making sure I'm bd to cover it. Thank you, will do.

    @Ami612 haha the temptation of everything in ttc is so hard to ignore! Thank you, fingers crossed for you too 


  • Hey ladies,

    sorry to be a worry wort! I mean not even that overly worried as I think there is some progression and these tests are so cheap and only 25miu! 
    But just looking for some reassurance from people who know their lines! 

    The first one is from the day that AF was due but it was with afternoon pee.
    That was two days ago. So this morning I thought I’d take the remaining Morrison’s test just to see any progression.
    here are the pics, what you think? 

  • @RiaMushk I am definitely not a line expert but the second one definitely looks darker! Xx 
  • @RiaMushk second line is defo stronger. Try and not test now it’ll just drive you mad 🥰🥰
  • @RiaMushk second line is deffo stronger xx
  • @RiaMushk defo a darker line. Stop worrying and enjoy your pregnancy. Massive congratulations again sweet. Have you contacted docs to start the maternity process x
  • Thank you so so much ladies 😘😘😘
    think I’m still in disbelief! 
    I have registered with the midwives so I’ll get a letter with my booking appointment date hopefully soon!
    my best friend is a midwife at my local hospital so she has said she will do all she can to help! 
    Think I’m going to book an early scan for 8 weeks x
    thinking of you all! So sorry AF got you @[email protected] 😥
  • @RiaMushk we look forward to hearing more. 
    It’s cool. Just not my time yet. I will get there. But we are also ok if it doesn’t happen. We have our first Xmas to lol forward to and the rest of our lives together. Xx
  • I don’t want to over think or anything but today my AF seems less than yesterday. All day yesterday I used two pads and changed when I went bed. Not much this morning. And I’m on second pad today x
  • Here we go again. Time to obsess symptom spot... I've already had a bunch of symptoms, or so I've told myself. Everything from period-like cramps to scratchy throat. So cue the (unreliable) internet cheapies and the insane line eyes! *sigh* 

    How is everyone else doing today?

  • @GwentonEmmy I hear you! I have a love hate relationship with all those "She didn't discover her pregnancy until her second month because she was still having her periods!" stories that you read online. It's just torture every time your body decides to do something different, because What If?? - I mean it's not unheard of to have some breakthrough bleeding in early pregnancy. But I know what it's like to keep getting your own hopes up and then reliving disappointment all over again as well. I guess, to put your mind at ease you could test if you have any cheapies lying around? 
  • @RiaMushk congratulations! (definitely a line progression in those two photos! I wouldn't worry!!) x
  • @idath on the up side this month of AF she didn’t give me any cramps lol. Suffer bad first couple of days normally. Yeah I’ve a Tesco test at home. I won’t bother unless I have no bleeding tomorrow. Why is it us women that have to put up with this while the men seem to get the pleasure of BD but not the rest like carrying the baby or dealing with cramps, sickness and all that comes with AF lol 😆 
  • @GwentonEmmy I KNOW! So unfair! Not even that - I feel like the tiny part that they do have to play they can barely do half the time due to performance anxiety or whatever  :D

    (Not to get your hopes up, but isn't that a thing with early pregnancy bleeding, that you don't have the normal cramps?... Sorry! I'm completely projecting my TWW-obsessiveness right now!)
  • @idath my head is all over the place but I’m being treated to a trip to hobbycraft. Only time will tell. How r u. Not seen you here before x
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