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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • AF just arrived so definitely out now. Good luck to everyone 😘😘
  • Hiya ladies, haven’t posted on here for a while. I took a step back a little as i was really getting obsessed with TTC and stressing over every sign symptom and then A BFN Would really pull at the heart strings.

    congratulations @HippieMama4 @RiaMushk so lovely to see you ladies have got your rainbow babies🌈

    im currently CD15 - said to myself I wouldn’t use any OPKS this month however I’ve lied to myself. Out they’ve come since CD10. I haven’t OV yet last cycle was around CD16-17 so I’m expecting this weekend which is handing. Me and hubby have a free weekend together so we can focus on us 🥰 I’ve been doing SMEP since CD9 throughout my fertile window however as I still haven’t OV I will continue dancing this weekend... 🤞🏻 For many BFPs this month, any ladies here that will be joining me in the agonising TWW xx
  • UP, up and away... feeling less confident with each passing day. the last four temps were taken an hour earlier which means they really should be 0.2 degrees higher. :(
  • Hi Ladies, so i got back my results from my blood work and my hcg levels are at 72. That was at 15dpo. Does anyone know if that is good?
  • @GwentonEmmy yeah I just got back on the boards after some time away; I’m doing okay, have started obsessing a bit over (possibly) symptoms! X
  • @nish2578 that sounds to me like it’s in the normal range, but I think the number doesn’t really mean much on its own, it’s whether it doubles every second to third day that counts! Are you going back for another blood test? X
  • @idath welcome back then. I’m the same I don’t want to think bout symptoms but I always do. X
  • @idath. Yes i will go next week.
  • Just taken a pregnant test at 11dpo and it’s negative so I guess that’s me out this month 😢
  • @Pennylane87 am so sorry AF arrived wish  in g you lots of baby dust next time✨✨

    @Kylie1987 @idath welcome back and good luck for ttc

    @Emma Charlotte 11dpo is still early so don’t be too disheartened. I know BFNs are hard to read but you’re not out until AF is here. There was a women on one of the other boards who didn’t get her BFP until a week or so after her AF was due. Everyone’s body is different so 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 for you.

    Hope everyone is doing well today x
  • idath said:
    Here we go again. Time to obsess symptom spot... I've already had a bunch of symptoms, or so I've told myself. Everything from period-like cramps to scratchy throat. So cue the (unreliable) internet cheapies and the insane line eyes! *sigh* 

    How is everyone else doing today?

    Lol defo going though this too. I'm 8dpo and literally gone mad 🙈 and driving OH mad. I think the earliest I'll test is 11dpo, as not had any implantation pain (which I got last time at 7dpo). 

    Ladies, what prenatal tablets are you taking? I was taking the pregnacare gummies, but worried about some of the reviews I've heard. So just started today taking seven seas pre-pregnancy ones which are really tiny, so easy to swallow (as some are just ridiculous). Also is there anything else anyone is taking supplement wise. Just want to prepare to try something new if not successful this month. x

  • @Sjn87 my partner and I are on him and her conception pregnacare. OMG they are like torpedoes lol 
  • @Sjn87 I take seven seas trying for a baby xx
  • @Kazam2817. Thank you. I guess I’ve get a lot of symptoms so thought maybe I would come up positive. Least now I can enjoy my week away next week and if it comes it’s not a complete shock! Xx
  • Mrs_T.Mrs_T. Regular
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    @emmacharlotte definitely not out yet, implantation can occur at so many stages. Sorry about your bfn though. Going anywhere nice next week?xx
  • @Mrs_T. I just wish I hadn’t bothered now. I’m feeling like I’ve no energy etc so I’m pretty sure AF will arrive soon. 
    We are going to a little lodge with a hot tub not to far from home. I think I took a test so I wouldn’t feel bad about drinking lol xxx
  • @emmacharlotte ahh hopefully not. Oh that sounds lovely, I hope you have a really nice time, when do you go? Could you take another before hand? Xx
  • @emma Charlotte hope u have a lovely time away 
  • @Mrs_T. we go Monday which is when the premom app says AF is due but my period tracker app says Thursday? 

    I could take another but I may wait until I get back. My sister is pregnant so I won’t be going mad on the alcohol anyway lol 

    @GwentonEmmy Thanks so much. Hope all is ok with you xx
  • @GwentonEmmy ooh, that sounds like a fab crafty list! Did you manage to get everything? 

    @RiaMushk I definitely see line progression. I'm not going to say try to relax and enjoy this pregnancy, because I know I've been exactly the same worry wart. I am trying to relax more now though, I've started first trimester yoga with Bettina Rae, which includes a bit of meditation each time as well, so it enables me to focus on and connect with the pregnancy. I find it's really helping to relax me, and the sessions range from 15 to 25 minutes so I can do one, or a couple one after the other if I fancy.

    @Pennylane87 I'm sorry the witch has arrived. Lots of babydust to you for next month.🌠

    @Kylie1987 hello and welcome back. Lots of babydust to you that it's your time soon 🌠 Thank you for the congrats. I think it's really hard to do nothing at all except bd when you've been trying for such a long time. I kept telling myself I wasn't going to do anything, but then I started each cycle feeling like I wasn't making an effort, so if it didn't happen it was because I didn't try hard enough.

    @Sjn87 we're on his and hers Pregnacare Conception (just finished mine tonight so moving onto the Pregnacare pregnancy ones, but keeping dh on his until they run out in case this pregnancy doesn't work out, then he's got a bit of a supply built up). Dh was also taking 3000mg of D Aspartic Acid a day as well. 

    @Emma Charlotte 11dpo is very early to get a positive. Not many people get them that early, though I totally understand the urge to test early especially when you have symptoms. Hopefully it's just too early at the moment. X
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