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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • @HippieMama4 yeah I got a few bits and lots of glitter too. Even mason jars to fill with chocs. Got some Xmas pressies too and stocking fillers. So a good day all round. X
  • Thank you @Kylie1987 I’ve got everything crossed for you for this month! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Don’t worry about the tracking, it’s only natural! And you’d only be driving yourself mad if you isn’t have a clue when you ovulated. We all do the best we can and that is good enough 💚

    @HippieMama4 thank you! I have bookmarked her yoga videos so will definitely be doing that once I get back from hols. I’ve got two more classes of yoga to teach, and then going to give myself a break in case I feel too sicky! Glad to see everyone sees the line progression. I’m not going to take another one till Monday where I’m going to take the digital one just cause I want to see the words and I’ve got it at home! 

    @emmacharlotte depending on your luteal phase 11 dpo could be really early still! 
    I got my ‘implantation bleeding’ at 10dpo so technically I don’t think I would have got a positive on 11dpo, the day after as it takes a a while.
    easier said than done I know, I literally hate seeing BFNs.

    babydust to you all xxx

  • @RiaMushk I’m using 32 ish day length so today would have been 27th day xxx
  • So my day two AF hasn’t been like normal. It’s barely anything. Still some on a pad but wiping is so much less then a normal day two. I’m gonna see what I’m like next few days as this isn’t normal for me. Day two is usually so heavy I have to wear black trackies incase I leak. Sorry for ranting 
  • @GwentonEmmy ahh how frustrating for you! Keep us posted xx
  • Will do @Mrs_T. it’s annoying me. Not long been to the lil girls room and nothing when wiping so I’ll see what tomorrow brings. 
  • @GwentonEmmy does sound promising!xx
  • @Mrs_T. I’m not sure it was red yesterday and pink today x
  • Mrs_T.Mrs_T. Regular
    edited Sep 18, 2020 10:22PM
    @GwentonEmmy even more promising if pink today! I'd be tempted to test with fmu but if it is implantation it may not show for a few days xx
  • I’ll c what tomorrow brings. Never had it with my first two children. But again it may be nothing. How are you doing 
  • @GwentonEmmy frustrating as it could just be one of those random things that happen for no reason or of course could be implantation. Everything crossed for you. I'm good thank you. Cd17 atm, awaiting ovulation. Had a temp dip this morning so I'm really hoping for a spike tomorrow but who knows! Just a waiting game atm x
  • @Mrs_T. I know what u mean it’s annoying. But fingers crossed for you. Looks like a few BFPs this month. And still time yet for more. Xx
  • @GwentonEmmy thank you, hoping it happens over the next few days or I will miss September entirely as it will be a longer cycle. Definitely been a great month for bfps so far, be lovely to see lots more! Xx
  • Me again ladies. Sorry I keep messaging. But woke up 6.45 and pad completely clean. Nothing when I wiped either. Just very odd for me x
  • @GwentonEmmy ooo! Very interesting!xx
  • @GwentonEmmy sorry if you’ve already said but have you taken a test? How many DPO are you? Xxx
  • @Mrs_T. interesting and odd so next few days I’ll work out if I shall take a test next weekend or not. It prob be negative but put my mind at ease as I’ve never had AF like that. My day two is my heaviest and yet yesterday was less then the first day. No other symptoms for either pregnancy or period. No cramps. Boobs was only sore last weekend. My last three AF which has been my only three since rod removed the cramps have had me keeled over when they come. Makes me stop in my tracks. But I’ve had nothing yet. I’ve said to other half I’m still bleeding cos I don’t wanna get his hopes up. And only spoken to u ladies about it cos I feel it’s easier to talk to u all x
  • @emma Charlotte not sure on DPO as when I was trying to work out it said 5/6th September going by last AF and using 30 days as that’s been last couple of months. And AF arrived again 30 days after last so been just assuming that’s it too only it lasted less then two days and so far today nothing xx
  • No test taken and I’ve had fmu today x
  • 8dpo today. Af due in 8 days (16dpo).Hope everyone is well. 
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