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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • @KristyH yes only stopped contraception at the end of July so early days. Was just hoping as I ovulated on CD 16 last month it would be somewhat similar but know it can be out of whack a while/never really settle like you say. Ewcm still present but gone back clear, hoping it stays and leads to o! I'm going back to the office tomorrow for the first time since March and it's going to skew my chart as I'll have to temp earlier-frustrating as only in tomorrow, wouldn't matter if it was post o temps 🙈.

    I noticed the sides of my boobs are tender this morning I also feel full down there if that makes sense, no cramps yet

    Fingers crossed for us both! Xxx
  • 9dpo today. Af due in one week. Hope everyone is well. 
  • @Mrs_T I’ve never temped but I can’t imagine if it was a little earlier than usual that is should be too different! Being at the office might be a nice distraction! It’s easy to get obsessed with it all 
  • @KristyH I set an alarm to take temp at the same time every day as that way its most accurate, ideally meant to take it within a 30 min time frame and it will be more than that but I'd imagine it could be lower as opposed to the other way. Will focus on Tues temp! Yes hoping a change of scene will help! Xx
  • So after the weirdest AF to date. Two days no major flow hardly changing pad. No cramps no symptoms. Just in general weird. But thinking it maybe down to the fact I went on pregnacare conception him/her tablets. Has anyone else had something similar. 
    How r u all 
  • @GwentonEmmy ahh could be down to taking pregnacare xx
  • @Mrs_T. yes that’s what I’m putting it down to. I’ve seen many reviews saying it works and some saying it prolongs cycles. Mine arrived on time (bang on 30 days again) was just a weird one 
  • @Mrs_T. I hope so but dont want to get my hopes up. Also started with a cold sore a few days ago and in my nearly 26 years alive ive never ever had a cold sore🤔xx

    Sorry just out at the minute so i will catch up with all the comments later on, hope your all okay xxx
  • @GwentonEmmy hopefully you won't have another AF next cycle!

    @bethanyjean does sound like it could be promising! I know it's difficult to not get your hopes up. Fingers crossed for you

  • @Mrs_T. I prob still will. Luck not on my side. But we have spoke about taking the tablets again once we finish first box. Also getting ovulation strips too. When AF arrived we stopped BDing and will take up again tonight and just go every other day. Hoping there is an Oct month I can join after sept ends. Although with all the BFPs this month looks like I’ll be on my own in the next chat xx
  • @GwentonEmmy fingers are firmly crossed for you! Sounds like you've got the best plan in place. There will definitely be an October group, I'll be there as I've not ovulated yet so as it is currently looking AF wouldn't be due until Oct xx
  • @Mrs_T. sorry u not ovulated yet. There must still be a chance though. Once a group is formed can u let me know. 
    Enjoying a nice chilled day today. Trying not to over think my strange AF but just gonna put it down to the tablets and move on. I may out of Interest take test next weekend if I’m still thinking bout the weirdness. Mainly cos I had no flow. Cos day two is the flow day full on. Anyway to stop going on about it I apologise. I’ve started watching married at first sight Australia. Interesting watching and much different to my normal murder documentaries I usually have on lol x
  • @GwentonEmmy yes I'm hoping it's just late had a 14/15 day LP last month so if its the same would take me into October. I've just created an October group. I'm just having a tidy and food shopping today. Took my daughter to the farm yesterday so having a more chilled one today. Yes always worth testing next week if its still playing on your mind. Oh I love a murder documentary! Xx
  • @Mrs_T. I’ll c u in the October one after September ends then. I love living on the farm the kids absolutely love it. It’s nice to have some chilled days. And of course u can beat a food murder. I wanted to go into forensics but my grades wouldn’t allow. But then my mum and step dad wouldn’t let me attend college. (Bad childhood) but That’s history now. I love doing crafts and tempted to do the forensic course I keep seeing online lol x
  • @GwentonEmmy yes 😊 it must be truly amazing living on a farm! Like you say brilliant for children. Ahh I'm sorry your grades didn't allow and other circumstances held you back. Definitely never too late! I've got a degree in psychology and a masters in forensic psychology. Id love to be a forensic psychologist but I'd need to do a PhD and don't know if I'm up to it and it would take me another 7 years to complete which is a massive commitment! Xxx
  • @Mrs_T. I hope you ovulate soon, you must be nearing it now! I dont know what possessed me but ive just taken a cheap test which isnt even early detection but BFN! First time ive ever caved and seeing the BFN wasnt nice. I think the spotting was probably just my body getting ready for AF for tuesday xx
  • @Mrs_T. that’s what has put me off taking that interest further now. The time. But I’ve been doing online courses during lockdown make up, facial, I wanna also do spray tanning and go college to do beauty next September. Since I moved it’s impossible to get to college at min as I don’t drive. So will do it next year. My partner has a small unit on the farm that we are doing up for my crafts as I love that too xx
  • @Bethanyjean just cos it was bfn don’t mean it’s not gonna be a BFP in a few days. Don’t give up til AF arrives. I’m not sure where you are but it’s afternoon at present with me so if u are also afternoon and so early it will be a bfn fingers crossed for the next few days x
  • @bethanyjean thank you, I'm hoping so! If you did have implantation bleeding a test wouldn't pick it up do a few days so you are definitely not out yet! Bfn are awful to see. Agree with the above if it wasn't fmu even more unlikely to get an early bfp.

    @GwentonEmmy sounds like you've been really busy during lockdown! Always good to have a plan! Ah that sounds lovely, I enjoy crafts just don't really have time at the moment to do any. Will be nice to have your own little area!

  • @Bethanyjean sorry about your bfn, I did the same early and got the same! Fingers crossed for a BFP in the next few days xxx
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