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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • I know I talk for everyone when u say that this chat forum has been a god send through what is in fact such a hard period for so many couples. And to have everyone here to be able to talk to is amazing and I want to say a massive thank you to everyone that has read, replied and advised. I appreciate everyone here xx
  • @GwentonEmmy oh god your comment has brought tears to my eyes I'm an emotional wreck 😂. I know I'm early into this journey but I too agree everyone has welcomed me with open arms and I'm truly grateful for everyone xxx 
  • I have been trying on and off for baby number 1 for nearly 6 years now and I agree I don’t know what I would have done without the support of ladies here so thank you all x
  • @Mrs_T. I find it so easy chatting here. I hate the build up to AF as I always have that bit of hope and coming here helps me rather than having the same conversations with my OH. He is the most loveliest man I’ve ever met and I know is that my side through everything. Just feel bad each month when the witch arrives. But again having u ladies is a massive deal for me. Xx
  • @Kazam2817 I truly hope you see your bfp soon, you so deserve to!

    @GwentonEmmy I know what you mean. As much as hubby tries to understand the whole ttc jargon he doesn't truly get it. I'm grateful that all you ladies too and really understand every aspect and all the hurdles ttc throws in. I wouldn't even speak to my closest friends the way I speak freely on here. Definitely helps with the sanity!

  • Omg @Mrs_T. I’m the same. I spoke to my bestie when I first had a faint line but then lost in may. And since then I just haven’t been able to confide in her. I love her to bits and we have an amazing bond. I was in the room when she gave birth to her son last year. Very amazing experience watching him come into the world. And after saying I’d like her to share all that with me then each month AF arrives I just feel gutted. But coming here is most amazing to talk to everyone with no judgement. Although right now heating up and feeling like I’m bout to throw up. Xx
  • Thank you @Mrs_T. I hope we all see our BFP soon and I also only speak freely on this forum. After so many failed attempts we don’t even tell anyone we are trying anymore so I literally only have my OH to talk to and I don’t want to keep going over everything with them because it takes a toll on our relationship so I am very grateful for everyone here x
  • You ladies are amazing, still picking me up. I feel like i have a whole new group of friends here! It wasnt FMU so just going to wait for AF tuesday xx
  • I’m right behind you @Bethanyjean. Fingers crossed for us all 🤞🏼
  • @GwentonEmmy oh no, are you feeling poorly or could it possibly be pregnancy symptoms 🤞🤞🤞

    It's so lovely that whilst we all await that magic bfp and beyond that we unite and support one another. 

    ❤️ Xxx
  • @Mrs_T. just feeling poorly. Head ache and generally ughhh. Not even sure if I know what pregnancy feels like was over 13 yrs ago and even that my horrible partner made life so hard for me x
  • @GwentonEmmy sorry to hear you are poorly hope you manage to get some rest and you feel better soon. Oh no, sorry to hear that too!xx
  • @Mrs_T. if all this continues over the week I’ll take a cheapie test at the weekend. Cos just not feeling myself at min. Hope u all have a lovely evening. X
  • @GwentonEmmy you are so patient! I've just started with a pounding headache, such joy! Going into the office tomorrow for the first time so quite anxious about it! X
  • @Mrs_T. hope tomorrow goes well for u. With everything going on in the world it scares me to just go shopping. I lost my job due to Covid. A bit of normal is always good x
  • @GwentonEmmy hope you feel better soon xx

    @mrs_t. Good luck tomorrow! I waa anxious when i got asked back into the office then a week later i was back home again🤦‍♀️ they say we will be working from home until atleast start of 2020!!xx

    Only good thing with that is its easier to hide pregnancy in the first 12 weeks🤣
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    @GwentonEmmy @bethanyjean thanks ladies! I'm only going in 1 day a week atm as I've got a student starting her placement so need to support her somewhat that's the only reason. Won't be doing anymore than that before next year and I guess we can't speak about whats going to happen in a matter of weeks let alone months. I can successfully work from home which helps. 

    @GwentonEmmy sorry you lost your job due to covid, it's caused so many difficulties. Both my husband and my mum are self employed.

    @Bethanyjean yessss! I thought the same 😂
  • @GwentonEmmy sorry to hear your not feeling great, hope you feel better soon xx

    I know I'm new on here, but I love having you ladies to check in with. I have only told one friend we are trying and not sure I'd maintain any sort of sanity through the 2WW without you girls, so thankyou!

    Fairy dust to all, who is close to testing?
    Seems to have been lots of BFPs the last few weeks, so fingers crossed for lots more please! 

    I have AF due on Wednesday, so will do a first response tonight (Monday) and if it's negative have a few wines to celebrate our anniversary and wait for AF I guess 😬
  • @littlefig Good luck testing later on, im due AF tomorrow so if she isnt here in the morning i will be testing xx
  • @littlefig good luck for testing hope to see a BFP later on today. 
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