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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • Thanks ladies, it’s nice but sad at the same time to see some familiar names over here. Makes me feel less alone that’s for sure! 

    September cycle will now be our 5th cycle. How many cycles has everyone else been here for? Trying my best to trust the process and my body but finding it harder every month. 

  • @RiaMushk I know exactly what you mean. It can seem a very lonely time TTC 😢
    This is my first cycle back TTC. 
    I had MC in December and May.
    Hopefully this will be your month 🤞🤞
  • @RiaMushk This is my first time using one of these groups/chats after having a MC in May also pretty much the same time in pregnancy and date as @Ada34 I just needed to speak to ladies that’s in similar positions and also ladies TTC. This is our 2nd cycle since May. I didn’t know weather I wanted to try so soon however when AF came last month I felt absolutely gutted and I’m here hoping this month is our month. Very mixed emotions💕
    This month is my first time using OPKS also which are driving me a bit insane, am using [email protected] test strips which I’ve now become quite Obsessed with as they are all over the place along side clear blue (2most fertile days) digital. I am yet to see my peak and am on CD13 now. Maybe in a day or two hopefully ✨💕x
  • @Ada34 and @Kylie1987 I’m so so sorry to hear about your mc’s. I know how awful it is. I have a toddler but before him it took me 6 months to conceive and then I had a mmc at 12 weeks. 
    I had a 2 month break after the operation and then I fell pregnant with my son on the first go and had a great pregnancy. 
    I know it’s so so hard to see now, but everything that happens is a step to your baby! I truly believe my son was sent by the previous baby. And I fully trust that my next baby is out there waiting to join me! Just really was hoping that It was going to be a bit of an easier journey this time lol 
    I know 4 months isn’t long in the grand scheme of things but it can feel it! 
    I use the [email protected] ones too, however, I’m going to treat myself to the clearblue double detection one too this month, just to relieve the stress as it can be a lot of time and effort to keep testing with the other strips throughout the day. 
    I temped for one months and found it really disturbed my sleep so I’m not doing that again! 
    I have a very regular cycle, 26 days so I’m lucky that it’s fairly short! 
    I hope you get your peak opk soon!!! 
  • @RiaMushk Thank you and to you too. Its a rollercoaster of emotions isnt it trying again. 
    Im trying for my first baby and hopefully I will get there soon. 
    I used clear blue and just used boots own brand the second time. Im usually 28 day cycle and fell pregnant both times in the first month of ttc each time. 
    I didnt use ovulation sticks this month as I was unsure about trying ttc this month so left it up to chance but closer to AF I know Ill be devastated if she arrives. 
    Keeping positive is the main thing. 
    Hope we all have some good news to share soon xx
  • @Ada34 you will, and it will be so so special having a rainbow baby, I promise! 🌈🌟
    ive just bought the clearblue ones, but only 10 tests as I know I ovulate early and I’m confident I won’t need more than 10 tests! 
    If I remember rightly, you only test once a day with your morning pee? 
  • @RiaMushk thank you. Fingers crossed for us that we get there soon. 
    I always tested once a day and it was first thing yes. Where are you in your cycle now
  • @Ada34 perfect, that will save some effort with peeing in a cup this month! 
    I’ve just started spotting so AF tomorrow, I’m on CD 25. 
    So I’ll start testing end of next week, where I usually start ewcm etc 
  • @Clarissa78 i am temping but the app is telling me my temptreture is fluctuating too much so unsure if im possibly doing something wrong i was about an hour later taking my temp last Sunday but every other day has been around 6.30am 
    I dont check cervical to be honest im not sure how to. 

    @Kylie1987 after my meltdown on Wednesday I finally got an increased reading yesterday so hoping im around ovulation (should have tested again last night but was so exhausted) and will test again this afternoon but im feeling more at ease knowing I am ovulating. Have you any sign of ovulation yet? 

    @Yasmin85 welcome to the group! It is full of supportive ladies. I was a seriel lurker also and glad I joined these lovely ladies on their journey! Lots of baby dust to you. 

    @kristyH I've used the ovulation tests in the past and I feel it went up a little every day thays why I was so worried this month but as mentioned above my reading yesterday was over 1.0 so I know im close to or ovulating around now. I try do this mid day working makes its harder but trying to do all the correct things.

    @RiaMushk sorry to hear you got BFN! sending lots of babydust for the month ahead. This will be my 5th cycle TTC 2nd as part of this group! 

    Sending lots of babydust to you all and not looking forward to the dresded TWW 
  • @Lauren0107 Im in the second half of my TWW and its the worst. Currently CD25 so not long now 😏

    @RiaMushk sorry to hear AF has arrived. Onwards and upwards. Fingers crossed next month will be your month xx

    Babydust to all the lovely ladies on here xx
  • @Lauren0107 thanks hun, nice to see someone else on their 5th cycle for 2nd baby! (If I read that correctly!) well it’s not nice but you know what I mean, makes me feel less alone!!  
    Literally everyone says to you, oh it will happen so quick next time...🙄🤨 shouldn’t listen to others I know, but it’s hard - we started ttc this time thinking oh gosh it will happen quick! So our expectations were high lol 
  • @Ada34 thinking I may peak today so my tww is upon us fingers crossed and lots of babydust for you.

    @RiaMushk sorry I wasn't very clear, I dont currently have and kids I was meaning it was my second cycle being part of this group TTC too early sorry 😴 but this group definitely makes you feel less lonely my oh thinks its great and helps me alot because I can just ask a question and someone has a good answer for me rather than googling 24/7. I really didn't realise it would be so hard as I've said before i feel like everyone around me fall pregnant either by accident or first time trying and its frustrating but were all in this together and hopefully this will be out month to cinceive 
  • @Lauren0107 nice to read you think your finally OV and at your peak. I currently still stick dipping what feels like everything 😬 CD14 and no peaks yet. Hoping either today or tomorrow, this is my first proppa time monitoring using OPKS so I don’t actually know when I could OV but I always thought I was around CD14/15🤷🏻‍♀️ We will see..
    sorry to hear AF is arriving @RiaMushk sending you lots of baby dust for next month✨🤞🏻
  • @Lauren0107 my temps can be up and down but I do see usually a shift for ovulation and my doc said I have it fairly pinpointed... my next step as I am getting help now is to see if I a follicle is rupturing and an egg is releasing so will be doing that next month. I really hope I am ... it is all so stressful isn’t it 

    @Yasmin85 Welcome and best of luck x 

  • @Lauren0107 oh sure. How did you go today? It’s so hard isn’t it to not get fixated on things. I got a peak at 0.85 then went back down to 0.3 that afternoon. But I’ve gone back up 0.8 today so I have no clue what is going on! 🤷‍♀️

    I feel exactly the same. I assumed being young with no other known conditions would mean we would have no problem conceiving. We’re on our 6 month TCC now after 1 chemical. I think the hardest thing I’ve found is the expectations that our family and friends have. They subtly insinuate that I’m pregnant not really understanding what that means to me. My mum said to me the other day that she’s now making baby clothes “just in case”. It’s honestly the worst because I feel like I’m not only disappointing myself but those around me. Anyhow it’s nice to chat to people in similar situations. And it’s so nice to see others getting their BFPs 🥰🥰
  • @KristyH bless you. I have the same with in laws at the moment, it puts so much pressure on us too I feel. The strips are driving me crazy, I got a 0.32 this morning which is still indicating low.. hopefully will be rising throughout the day into tomorrow 🤞🏻✨ x
  • @KristyH ah god love you. Thats so tough on you. 
    I was asked yesterday by my work colleague if I was going to leave it long before I tried again 😮 I didnt know where to look. I fluffed out something and moved on 😏
    Keep positive you will need those wee clothes some day. I really hope you have your little miracle soon.
    My own mum hasnt mentioned my baby since the day after I had him at 16 weeks in May out of awkwardness and not knowing what to say to me.That can be upsetting at times but thank god for my mother in law. She has been a great support. 

  • @Kylie1987 your a more patient woman than me. Those strips would of drove me round the bend by now. Which ones are you using
  • @Ada34 it is so difficult when people as sometimes - they haven’t a clue what people are going through not do some people care. 
    @KirstyH I have not said to many people as I feel the pressure then, my sisters know we want a baby but they leave me to it. My parents or Oh family do not know at all.. I find it would be added pressure for me. But on general
    i think family would just love to see if happen for you and they are excited to think of a new baby in the family. 
  • @Ada34 I’d be lieing if I said they wasn’t driving me crazy. My clear blue are still showing no OV so I’m trusting them more..
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