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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • Joining here ladies as im sure AF is on her way and will start spotting soon. Im going to watch this thread from the sidelines until AF comes - i like to be up to date on the forums when i join💞
  • @Bethanyjean 😘 xxxx I’m in a foul mood today!
    cramps etc just want AF done with already! 

  • @RiaMushk i hate that AF treats us so badly when we dont want her anyway! Hope you feel better soon xxx
  • @Kylie1987 Thanks i was meant to test again this afternoon but was running out the door for a work lunch and its been on my mind all day. Came home and tested and got a high reading of 1.82 (could be my peak but will have to test again in a few hours to try get a better idication) Do you know how long your cycle is? im currently on CD15 but the past few months have been a 31 and 34 day cycle unsure as to why it used to only be 28 days. 

    @Clarissa78 i will monitor my temps over next few days as if im not ovulating around now i am due to, as above i have a higher reading today on the OPK's which has eased my mind a little. Hope everything goes well for you fingers crossed. 

    @KristyH As above i didn't manage to test this afternoon but did get a higher reading today of 1.82 so will need to test later tonight to see if thats going to be my peak or not. this has happened with me before with OPK the high then low then high but i think i had drunk too much before so pee was more diluted unsure if this would effect but i had a feeling it did. 

    im the same, i came off the pill 2 years ago have never been actively trying and always decided if it happened it happens never did, im 26 in october, been with my OH for 9 years and do believe a baby is the final piece of the jigsaw but didnt realise it would all be so hard and stressful. sorry you feel this was with your family it will only add extra pressure but never feel like your disappointing anyone i (horribly looking back) acted like this when my brother and his partner were TTC again didnt realise it was so hard. I haven't told anyone not even my mum, sister or best friend and this is why i needed to join in with you lovely ladies on this forum as only have my OH to speak to about everything and its hard sometimes. The baby clothes will come in handy one day and take it as a positive. I love seeing people getting BFP it gives me hope that it WILL be me one day. 

    @Bethanyjean sorry to hear AF is arriving, welcome and sending lots of baby dust for you this month. 

    Are any of you Ladies taking vitamins, i bought the Pregnacare for me and my OH took them for around a week and read that they play with your cycle and it freaked me out so we stopped taking them but i was thinking of restarting if we dont get BFP this month. just wondering your thoughts on these? 

  • @Lauren0107 I’m not too sure how long my cycle is, last month was 28days however before it has been 31-34 days roughly. This is why I’ve decided to do the OPKs this month to try and help me out a little. What test strips are you using? X
  • @Lauren0107 so pleased you’ve got your peak 🤞🏻 X
  • @Kylie1987 maybe its longer this month and your peak will be in the coming days! Fingers crossed 🤞 I use the easy at home the ones that go along with the premom app im sure your using these ones too? Thank you hopefully its your next im already nervous about the tww and im on holiday from work around af so that will be fun x
  • @Lauren0107  I was thinking this too, Im pretty sure haven’t missed it as I started testing from CD9. Yeah I’m using them ones too, my lines at the moment just seem to always look the same. Slightly excited to see the peak 🤞🏻 
    I’m also dreading the tww. It seems like the longest two weeks ever as well! X
  • @Kylie1987 thanks so much for the welcome and I definitely feel the support of the group!

    @Ada34 I'm sorry to hear of what you have gone through I cannot imagine. Hoping that this is your month!

    I'm probably 1 or 2dpo now. Last month with my chemical I had really strong symptoms which now means I'm obsessing over feeling the same as last time again. Going to try and chill! (Easier said than done)

    @RiaMushk sorry to see you here. I have been following your journey as a lurker these past few really months. You are so so supportive to the other ladies as well so really hoping that this time is your month xx
  • @Yasmin85 thank you. 
    Im nearing the end of my TWW. I obsess over every wee twinge or feeling now. 
    I knew early on at 8dpo that I was pregnant the last time and the same with my pregnancy in december it was 10dpo so Im not feeling too confident this month.
    Im about 12dpo now and obsessing. Regret now not using the opk this month but at least I know now Im really ready to try again. 
    Relax as best you can and try to keep busy (good me telling you that and I failed miserably at times)
    Wishing you lots of baby dust this month xx
  • @Yasmin85 aww thank you hun! Welcome and enjoy the group - everyone has their own beautiful journey and is so supportive! 💗✨💗💫 lots of baby dust to you! Xxxx
  • @Clarissa78 @Ada34 @Lauren0107 it’s so tough isn’t it. I know they don’t mean harm. But I guess when you’re not in the situation they don’t appreciate how their words can make you feel. So chatting and hearing about everyone’s journey has made a huge difference to my mentality. It has helped me to feel normal! 🥰

    I am 1 DPO now. But I never got a period after my last ovulation which is strange? So I’m not sure if my hormones will be a bit out this month. 

    Does anyone avoid “infertile” foods during the TWW? Like coffee, alcohol, fast foods? I am a huge coffee and wine person. For the first few months I stopped them but now don’t worry. I feel a little guilty though! 
  • AF is here in full swing today, a day early which i dont mind because it means she will be gone a day quicker! 20 days from now ill ovulate so i just need to keep occupied and busy to help speed up time. I always feel so guilty wishing the time away🙈
  • Morning ladies, I’ve just got a higher reading although it’s still being told as low.. does this mean OV is around the corner? It’s reading this morning as 0.71 x
  • @Kylie1987 it could be! Mine went up similarly then peaked 2 days later at 1.85. So best to get bd’ing!
  • @Kylie1987 it seems a bit confusing but those lines look good all the same. Time to get busy with the bd 🙈🙈
  • @KristyH @Ada34 thank you ladies. I’m hoping it increases throughout and tomorrow I also got a big smiley on the clear blue as well for two most fertile days. 🤞🏻✨ 
    how are you @Ada34 x

  • @KristyH oh im 1dpo also! I went out with work for lunch on Friday and because I was around ovulation I decided not to drink probably crazy but I feel better mentally this month and would just worry having a drink would ruin things. 

    @Bethanyjean sorry to hear AF arrived glad your looking at it positively sending you babydust for the month ahead. 

    @Kylie1987 this is exactly what happened to me but the darker line looks positive and hopefully when you next test you will get your peak. Are you testing once or twice a day? Maybe best to test this evening again so you can find your exact peak? 
  • @Lauren0107 sounds like me today. We met with family earlier and I had a glass of wine, feeling really guilty now for having it. 
    I’m testing twice a day, will test again later however I only have 2 test strips left and quite a few Clear blue. Really want to see the “peak” on my chart tho. Maybe if I test this evening again and then again tomorrow afternoon maybe? Then the clear blue again in the evening. X
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