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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • @Kylie1987 I wouldnt feel guilty over a glass. Could also relieve stress im not a big drinker but when I'm out with work I always end up really drunk thats why i avoided it. 
    Are you able to order more strips on amazon for ndd? It think your very close to peak and would test this evening and tomorrow but would be gutted if you didn't get your peak tonight you would have to test twice tomorrow to ensure it was your peak unsure how the clear blue ones work as never used them myself x
  • @Kylie1987 that has happened to me before and I ordered right away amazon prime and it came the next day just in time for me to be able to take more OPKs! I would definitely test in a few hours after that 0.71 one and then again morning and if it gets darker I’d be doing it every 3 hours, if you can get some delivered lol I’d say you’re well on your way to getting a peak, at least that’s how mine looks just before peak! 
    If clearblue says static smiley then surely you will ovulate in the next 1-2 days anyway so I think you’ll cover it with Bd! 

    @Bethanyjean 😭 we won’t be cycle buddies anymore! I ovulate in roughly 11 days... alright sometimes I ovulate earlier than that... which I’d rather 🤣 you just have the patience of a saint to have a long wait for ovulation!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I take my hat off to you! 
    Trying to stay positive this month, and avoiding the niggling feeling of why hasn’t it happened yet! 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Keep having to read over and over, even with perfect timing, it is still only like 25% chance...🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻💫💫💫
  • @Kylie1987 Im pretty sure AF is on its way. Few cramps today and I was very snappy 😑😑
    My TWW is up tomorrow, AF would be due to come Tues/Weds. 
    Dont think Ill bother doing a test at this stage now. 
  • thanks so much ladies, I have just ordered some on amazon prime they will be here tomorrow, I would be absolutely gutted to miss seeing the peak on the chart as well. I feel like this has been “hard work” full time job 🤭🥰

    aww @Ada34 quicker it comes the quicker it will go and you can get on with a new month bless you. Like you said this has showed you how much you do want it to happen as much as you just went with it this month of if it just happens it happens. Sending you lots of baby dust for next month✨💕
  • Thanks @Kylie1987 yes I just want it to hurry up and come now. 2 weeks wont be long in coming round so I can get tracking properly and really get busy with the bd 😊
    I hope you hit your peak shortly and wishing you so much baby dust. I have everything crossed for you xx

    And to all the ladies on here I have everything crossed for yous. 
    Baby dust to all 🤞🤞

  • @Kylie1987 was it darker last night? Excited you managed to get more to be delivered today! 😬 lol I am easily pleased!!! And yes it is a full time job around fertile week!! Hence why I’ve bought my clearblue this month just to give me a little break..: although knowing me I’ll take an opk or two to just see that they coincide! 🙈
  • Hi ladies. Baby dust to you all. I’m testing with clear blue OV and I’ve had 5 flashing smileys so far another one today. On CD11. My app says I should have OV on Saturday but I had a huge migraine (which makes me think maybe OV) we bd Friday and again yesterday but not Saturday as I felt dreadful. Just hoping 5 flashing smileys is normal this is my 2nd cycle xxxx
  • Hiya ladies. @RiaMushk
    im a little bit confused!!!! Last night at 9:21 I got what they said is peak yet the same test I took a picture second after As I was so excited and is saying 1.19 - high and again this morning is low 🤷🏻‍♀️
    We did bd last night and will tonight too, just hoping I can catch the right window, I got another bit smiley 😊 this morning also. Once more strips arrive later I’m going to test twice one being 9pm tonight around the same time. I felt so on control with it however now I feel a bit lost! 
    @Ashwee2428 all the smileys the better. I’ve used them ones in a previous pregnancy and always felt in control with them, it’s the static smiley that’s your peak is that right? 
    I’m using the clear blue (2most fertile days) one along side [email protected] test strips. 
    Do you ladies think by getting the above results last night and still a smiley this morning - having bd’ing last night and tonight we will be in the window?? X

  • And I’ve got an early delivery rather than waiting in all day.. winning!!!! 🥳
  • @Kylie1987 I think you have got your peak last night. As you can see from the 2 tests the lighting is different. I always try take the pictures at the same place with same lighting for accurate results. You can see that the lines on last night's one are stronger than this morning. When your delivery arrives I would test this afternoon to double check your lh is lowering again! Fingers crossed for you x
  • 100% got your peak @Kylie1987 ! And of course you have bd right on time! Couldn’t do more than that I’d say!! 
  • Some would say bd tomorrow to cover all bases.. and maybe even the next day, but I’d say it’s more than enough! 
  • @Lauren0107 thank you. It’s so difficult to get the picture at the same time I’ve found some test have shown the lines quicker than other and some I’ve waited around 5 mins for them to show. I was expecting to get a high before a peak if that makes sense. Like a gradual build up to peak... 🤷🏻‍♀️ These test have driven me mad this past week or so lol.
    i do have slight cramping today also so I think I’m defiantly OV. My test strips have just arrived so will test at 1pm today 🤞🏻✨ just hoping it doesn’t lower as it’s going to confuse me more. 
    @RiaMushk hubby said we’ve hit bullseye🤭🥰
    will cover all angles today and tomorrow 🤞🏻✨ xx
  • @Kylie1987 yes when it goes static means your ovulating. But I’m not there yet just lots of flashing ones so far. Again I’ve got a bit of a migraine. Trying to bd as much as we can hoping we don’t miss the peak! Xxxxxx
  • Ahh I thought so, seems OV is just around the corner for you are you testing twice a day? @Ashwee2428 Xx
  • @Kylie1987 haha bullseye, I like that! 
    The holder will show static smiley for two days, and I’m sure it says not to test again once you get static smiley as that’s ovulation. 
    Also, I’ve had similar months to you when my opk showed a very brief peak, so shows you can miss it easily! 
  • Hi all, hope you don’t mind me joining, I was in the ttc in May group and then due in Feb, unfortunately I ended up with a ectopic that passed naturally at 8 weeks. My very first pregnancy. August has been my first proper cycle since, CD16 today. I remembered how much these forums made me feel positive and helped me and others so I wanted to join again; I was in them ever since Feb. Unsure if any ladies are still on here from then but I wish you all the luck xx
  • @BethO so sorry to hear of your loss. I’m in and out of the chat. I like to read. Welcome though. I lost in May and stopped planning it all. So just awaiting AF or BFP each month. Xx
  • Welcome @BethO
    Sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy. Some of us do not get it easy. 
    This is my first month ttc since I lost my baby in May at 16 weeks. I also had a MC in Dec at 8 weeks. Its been hard but keeping positive as best I can. Im CD27 today so pretty sure I wasnt successful this month but onwards and upwards. I will do the ovulation strips next month as they worked 1st time with each of my pregnancies. Like you Im trying for my first 😊
    Wishing you all the luck in the world this month xx
  • Hi ladies. Sorry for the radio silence, I was away camping for a few days and had no internet signal. 

    @BethO welcome to the group. I'm sorry for your loss.

    The chaplain at the hospital where I had the ERPC rang me today. He does the services at the local crematorium for the babies, and he told me when my baby is being cremated (we chose not to have a private cremation as dh and I hadn't told anyone and we didn't feel able to do it ourselves). I was a bit upset talking to him but he was so lovely. I have no religion, I am more spiritual than anything, but he explained that he doesn't mention anything religious during her services. He is going to ring me again after the service (I would have to attend alone as dh goes back to work the day before the service, after a fortnight off) and I don't know how I feel about it. Has anyone else attended similar for their babies?

    On a ttc note, I'm on cd9 today and did my first opk of this cycle. I bought the Pregnacare Conception multivitamins for dh last week, so he's been taking those. I'm still taking the same for women, eating Brazil nuts for the selenium and trying to be healthy and relaxed with my crystals and meditation. I haven't done my yoga for a week or so but I treated myself to a meditation cushion so I'm hoping to use that this week.

    I have rang the doctors and they asked me to email them with details of our ttc journey so we can have some tests done, which I did today. Hopefully we'll get a response from them soon and we might be able to have some tests.

    Babydust to all x
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