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Any Clomid takers?!!

Has anyone tried Clomid and had a successful outcome the 1st time around? My husband and I are going to try Clomid this cycle but I’m so nervous. We’ve been trying for almost a year. I’m 36yr and hubby is 40. Can’t help to feel as if time is running out so I’m hoping Clomid works the 1st time around 


  • Hi will start my Clomid cycle tomorrow. Hope this year is for us too. :)
  • @emaresbe yessss sending baby dust your way and a sprinkle my way as well lol. 
  • @SusySue Yes! Surely. Let me know if it is a success, ya?

  • @emaresbe will do! You do the same. Fingers crossed 
  • Hi @SusySue! I just receieved a call from my GP telling that I did not ovulate. :( 
    How about yours?
  • hey @emaresbe sorry to hear that☹️. Do you have irregular periods if you don’t mind me asking? I was able to ovulate but sadly got a negative pregnancy test and got my period. I’ve made an appointment with a fertility specialist for next week. WE CAN’T GIVE UP!! It’s going to happen for us. Once we figure out what’s causing the problem then we can fix it and get our babies 😊
  • @SusySue Hi, yes I do have irregular periods and was diagnosed with Pcos last 2019 September. Yes! We really can’t give up!!! What did your gynae tell you next? 
  • @emaresbe a lot of females have PCOS it’s all about finding the right combination of drugs to work but you’ll get there. For me my period is regular but we’re still having problems. My doc hasn’t told me anything in terms of the next steps if Clomid didn’t work that’s why I’m going to a fertility specialist. I need a better baby making team to work for me lol 
  • What’s the next step for you? I think with Clomid you can do up to 3 rounds so hopefully your doc have you try at least 2 more times  
  • Yeah! My sis-in-law have also PCOS that's why I'm not losing hope. By the way, do you have any other vitamins/supplements taking together with Clomid? I took folic acid but stopped, I'm not sure if I should continue again. 
  • @SusySue My gynae told me to wait for AF to come then I will start Clomid for the 2nd round, she said this time 2x daily. 
  • And you shouldn’t lose hope at all. My sister has PCOS and she has 2 kids and had to use Clomid. I had to take Clomid (5 days) and estrogen(2 days). Whatever the Gyn says I’ll just do it. Folic is great and needed for babies so that’s importance. I’m taking prenatals as well
  • @SusySue
    Are those pescribed by your gynae? Yea! will never lose hope!  <3
  • Yea she prescribed both the estrogen to go with the Clomid and the prenatal just to take daily. Which I hope ur taking prenatals too. She told me I hve lazy ovaries which I never heard of so that’s why I’m going to a fertility  specialist for a better answer because I’m still confused
  • Nope! She didn't prescribed me anything lol. I think I better continue my folic acid again. Then when I go visit my gynae I'll ask her if I need to take prenatals :smiley:
    But hang on there dear, you still ovulated! Next is Pregnancy. *wink*
  • Yea it doesn’t hurt to ask. Prenatals are good sources of vitamins for the body to prepare it for the baby including folic acid. It’s good to take it before and during pregnancy.  Yesss fingers crossed! It’s like I’m half way there lol
  • Yes! Hoping this our year :wink:
  • Hi @SusySue
    I have checked with my gynae and she said I can take Prenatals too. I bought Nordic Prenatals DHA. 
  • @emaresbe that’s great! Prenatals are good
  • Hi @SusySue, my doctor said that I ovulated this cycle!!!!  <3
    Im still taking my prenatals. :) How about you? :)
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