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What does this OPK mean at 9dpo....HEEELLLP!

Hey. Any help would would be appreciated! I’m 9dpo today and I have been using CB advanced ovulation tests. I got a positive OPKon 5th September and I ovulated on the 6th September. I have been feeling symptoms that may or may not be in my head but time will tell. I am trying to hold off from doing a HPT as my period isn’t due till this weekend but I read somewhere that OPK might be positive if pregnant . So I finished work tonight and decided why not? What harm can it do. Well I got a blank circle which I expected but then I ejected the test.... and what do I see? 2 lines. I usually get one strong control line and a faint test line anyway when I’m not ovulating but the test line is stronger then the control line but thinner. Anyone know what this could mean? Any help would be appreciated🙈 pic attached xx


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