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How do evap lines work?

Hello! So here is what i know about evap lines: they develop usually after the initial 3-5 mins of a test. They have no dye color, and they are very faint. 

My questions are: 

What does it mean if the evap line shows within that time frame immediately after taking the test? 

What happens if you get an evap line on every pink dye test that hasn't seemed to have gotten darker? 

How many days should go by before the line starts to get darker? I've taken one-two tests every two days for a week and a half. I know it's far to early but my husband really wants a baby. I'm just confused because every single test has had that line but only on the last one did it seem any darker . I'm partially color blind so I cant tell if its pink or grayish. 

Any help is appreciated! 😊

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