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How's everyone feeling? - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the first part of How's Everyone Feeling? - Part 2 as the previous thread has reached the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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  • @Remedios aww never :( hopefully they are doing all they can to keep her away from the virus.. certain parts will be covid only and peopke admitted to hospital will be tested.. try not to worry too much!! hope she makes a speedy recovery! x
  • @Katie2202xx Thank you! It is a waiting game and I only can hope for the best. She thanked my trust in her that she will recover from this. My mum said that the staff do not encourage her enough in the hospital. I so want to be with her right now... She did not let me cancel my HSG! Bless her! She had negative Covid test when she was admitted, but family members of the doctors in the ward have the virus... nowhere is safe.
    Make sure you all are OK! xx
  • Hi girls, moving over. 

    @Remedios your mum is such a superstar and sounds lovely. You take after her. It's such hard times at present with Covid. I'm sure once you get over there you'll have the feel for things. I know your HSG is at the back of your mind at the moment but I'm hoping all is well and it'll bring you ontonyour next phase of your journey. I'm here anytime you need to chat. Xx

  • @Remedios no I agree nowhere is safe :( never in my life did i think this would happen and it's so upsetting :( my daughter is starting to get really fed up, I wasnt one of these mothers that took their child soft plays etc when things opened up again! so she has been in for nearly a year :( keeping her safe is my best interest, Hopefully when you get there you can take your mum home where she is a lot safer! xx
  • sas1101 said:

    (Reposted to the new thread!)
    Oh my gosh!!!  BEAUTIFUL PIC!!!!  Huge (((HUGS))) to you and your sticky beans!!!  I’m absolutely over the moon for you!!!  Don’t stress about the weeks indicator at this early stage, babes may well have implanted quite late.  What matters is that they HAVE implanted and are giving it a mighty effort!  Symptoms are an arse!!!  Mine were almost non-existent and fleeting at best!  (and continue to be so).  If you feel comfortable to do so, please share the details of your 2WW, did you notice any implantation twinges/bleeding?  What have your early symptoms been?  

    🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞I have everything crossed for some beautiful, strong line progression action!  And that First Response line is looking real good!!!  C’mon sodding 2-3 weeks indicator!!!  (((HUGS))) XX
  • sas1101sas1101 Regular
    edited Nov 16, 2020 2:37PM
    @Katie2202xx wow it's not long until your mat leave. Are you on countdown? I bet you the shops are getting really busy with lockdown so I bet you've been run off your feet. I'll be thinking of you for you next scan 🤞🏻 It so hard on the little ones isn't it. I really feel the kiddies are missing out on so much at the moment. Let's hope we can get back to some sort of normal soon. Xx

    @KiwiMoomin thank you so much. I think of nhadnt have took the CB Digi I would have felt better but it's done as you said just could be an little late to implant. I'm 11dp5dt transfer today and I know other clinics leave OTD to a little later. 

    I'm happy to share my tww symptoms but I'm not sure what is  caused by the estradoil and progesterone 🙈 I've had intermittent sore boobs, more sore of a morning and when in bra. I've been very tied and taking naps (and getting far too used to them 😂).The only thing I'll say that gave a hint that it might have worked was cramps low down and to the side and sharp shooting pains especially when turning over in bed and sneezing. Almost like a sharp stitch that last 5 seconds and goes. However, I'm feeling fine today, a few niggles but nothing much. You are so right though symptoms are an ARSE! Mine are definitely fleeting! 🤣

    It's a waiting game now until viability scan on the 7th November. 

    I haven't any self control and did another frer at midday after holding my urine for two hours and it's slightly darker than this mornings so that has given me some comfort. 

    How are you feeling?? X

  • Top one this morning and bottom this afternoon. I'm going to step away from the test for a few days now 🙈 xx
  • @sas1101 omg lovely progression! I'm really hoping this is it for you I'm getting good vibes! xx
  • sas1101 said:

    Top one this morning and bottom this afternoon. I'm going to step away from the test for a few days now 🙈 xx
    That is VERY impressive line progression from only morning to afternoon!!!  It’s looking really, really good @sas1101!!! 😄😄😄X
  • Thanks girls. I may just be one of those people that test better in the afternoon 🤣. Xx
  • @sas1101i was around 17dpo when I got my positive and it was fainter than yours I was 3 and a half to 4 weeks pregnant 🙈 xx
  • @sas1101 that was ment to tag Haha 
  • sas1101 said:
    Thanks girls. I may just be one of those people that test better in the afternoon 🤣. Xx
    And I would definitely have more confidence in those beautiful, progressing First Response lines, than the temperamental and infamously unreliable digital weeks indicator test!  The internet is absolutely littered with women who worry themselves sick over those stupid Clearblue tests, and it ends up being completely unjustified.  

    Women’s hormone levels vary so much, it really is an absurd task trying to quantify it to a specific number = a specific week.  Nice idea, I suppose, but in practice it gets it wrong an awful lot of the time!  As long as your physical line tests keep progressing, don’t worry about the weeks indicator.  

    And let’s not forget, you ARE very early in pregnancy, so a reading of 1-2weeks is to be totally expected!  BUT YOU’RE FREAKING PREGNANT, BABE!!!!<3
  • P.S. Thanks for sharing your symptoms, @sas1101.  I was curious about your experience, if it was anything like mine.  I too had that stitch-like, shooting pain when turning over in bed, sore boobs (now and again), and tiredness (I HAVE to have a pre-dinner snooze, otherwise I won’t make it through the eve!).  All your symptoms really are sounding VERY promising!!!!
  • Remedios said:
    @KiwiMoomin Excellent news! I am so happy for you! <3 Just keep going with the progression! When is the viability scan?
    How are you feeling?

    @sas1101 One more sleep!!! If you can of course. I don't think, I could. :) I am glad that you will have tomorrow off. Well done for not testing early, it must have been hard.
    How are you feeling? What time are we testing tomorrow? ;) 

    I am stressed... or worried, definitely exhausted. I have found out that "quick Corona test" is not good enough, I need the PCR one. I am arriving in Hungary on Friday. There are no test centre open in the afternoon... and result of the PCR test will come back in 5 working days! Anyway, after many phone calls and looking on the web for hours, it turned out that I can be tested at Vienna Airport on my arrival. This is a PCR test and will know the result the same day. (For the price of this test, I could get 2 the same sorts in Hungary, but I need this was as fast as possible, otherwise the earliest day I can get tested is Monday). Then quarantine, then Monday the next test... then back to quarantine until the result comes.

    I speak to my Mum every day. She seems fine mentally: she remembered the date of my HSG (bless her!). I am so focusing on her, getting back to Hungary, preparing meals here for my husband and freeze portions of food that I cannot believe that HSG day is here so soon. 
    Tomorrow I can speak to the doctor again and see what the newest CT scan said about movements. I am so worried about that my Mum will not be able to walk again. 

    I keep saying my little prayers for her and for both of you @KiwiMoomin & @sas1101! <3 As I said, I am not that religious, but I need every single help I can grab! ;)  

    Look after yourselves! Carry on keeping yourselves busy! ;) xx
    Hi @Remedios,  that’s fantastic news that your HSG scan is finally here and you didn’t need to postpone it.  That’s great that, despite all her recent trauma, your mum remembered it too!!!  Good luck with it.  When I had this scan last year it didn’t cause me any pain, or even discomfort, it was just a slightly bizarre sensation as the pump the water in!🙈🤪

    That also great news that you can go and be with your mum in Hungary this Friday.  All the Covid testing sounds like a real headache to arrange!  You’d think by now the brightest minds of our planet would have figured this all out, but almost every country seems to be struggling with its testing protocols!

    That’s lovely that you are freezing meals for your OH, but don’t stress yourself too much!  You have much bigger things to be worrying about, and most men can be surprisingly good in the kitchen when given the chance, or at least know how to order a takeaway or throw together a plate of beans on toast!  He won’t starve, and will probably even enjoy a bit of anarchy in the kitchen!😂

    My viability scan is on the 26th... feels like forever away!!!🤪. But I’ll be just over 7 weeks, and past the point of my previous two miscarriages!  Ug, but I’ve had the worst period-like cramps today (on the exact same timeline as my first round IVF miscarriage!) and awful lower back ache.  Of course my mind flits to the thought ‘Is this the start of another loss?’,  but then I console myself with the knowledge that I’m NOT bleeding, and the pain is nothing like the sharp, relentless, throbbing, lower right side ab pain of my previous miscarriages.  Hopefully it is just more progress and growing pains. I’ve heard it’s quite common around this time, as the embryo burrows in deeper and the placenta begins forming and taking over life support from the yolk.  Fingers crossed anyway!  It seems to have settled now.

    Good luck with your scan!  I’ll be thinking of you and sending you positive vibes (for you, AND your mum over in Hungary for the weeks ahead!) @Remedios!  They should be able to tell you the results of the scan then and there, so at least no long wait for test results, for once! X
  • sas1101sas1101 Regular
    edited Nov 17, 2020 6:43AM
    @KiwiMoomin thank you so much, you have such a lovely way with words and have made me feel so much more relaxed. My friend told me yesterday that she tested for a week after AF was due and the Digi had stayed in 1-2 weeks range so she gave up testing as it was driving her mad. She now has a 3 month old little boy. I guess infertility does this to women, sends us into crazy test addicts in persuit of the perfect test, when in fact every women is different and HCG levels are different at different stages 🤷Years ago I probably would have tested once, saw and line and never tested again 😆 how I long for that innocence! 

    I've been having little cramps on and off but in the evening mainly. They are definitely less noticeable than around 5-8dp. That's why I think I implanted a little later as I coikdndefy feel something going on around then. With my last IVF transfer that ended in the CP I definitely felt implantation around 3dp. I've also read that some frosties take a bit longer to get going in the womb and implant. I'm hoping mine was a shy bean and will progress nice and strongly.

    I never thought I'd worry so much after if tested positive. This feels so much worse than the tww. Hkwvi, today I'm pregnant so I'm going to (try) celebrate that today and stay foccoes and positive. 

    You're cramping sounds like things are stretchinh, burrowing and getting ready for your baba(s). I've laosnread that it's common to have some intense cramping, as long as not accompanied by bleeding then it's all good. Worrying nonetheless but all normal. Xxx

  • @Remedios I wanted to wish you a big good luck for today lovely. I hope it goes smoothly (I'm sure it will). Keep us updated. Xxxxx
  • Thank you @sas1101! She is truly amazing! I am not as nice as she is! :) She would give everything to make me happy. It is payback time. 

    Wow! What an amazing progression there! Lovely to see the darker line! I am carrying on with my little prayer, so all will be fine with you, @KiwiMoomin and my Mum! <3 

    Thank you for your support ladies! 
    I am so drained, sorry, I am not sure I can write anything else this morning. My thoughts are with you and hoping for sticky beans @KiwiMoomin & @sas1101 and wishing you all the best @Katie2202xx too! 

    Thanks for sharing your experience @KiwiMoomin re HSG! I am so numb from all this stress and worry, maybe I won't feel a thing. :D 

    Catch up with you all later... Enjoy your pregnancies, please! You are all having little lives growing inside you. It is truly nature's most beautiful miracle. I am hoping to join you soon! ;) xx
  • Good luck @Remedios. I think you're pretty special. Xx
  • Hi ladies, sorry for the test spam but I just thought I'd update. I just decided to test and got this 😆

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