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Mid cycle bleed, Late OV Help Plz xx

Hey, I haven’t been on here in ages as I’ve had every symptom going so there was no point, but this month has been very strange and I’m so confused 😣

My cycle ranges 25-28 but I’m now on CD31 11dpo. 14 days in I started to have a mid cycle bleed which i’ve never had, I would normally ovulate around that time but I didn’t get a peak and missed when I may have had a peak. It lasted around 3 days was never red just pinkish brown and not heavy. 
So I decided to keep testing and got a peak around CD19 I’m now CD31 and was due af around CD27 I just don’t understand what’s happening? I’m too scared to test, hate seeing negatives, I just wondered if anyone else had experienced something like this. 
Many thanks in advance xx


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