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Hello ladies, I’m on 1 DPO today anyone want to hang out during the 2WW? I’m a POAS addict and symptom spotter so hope I can wait till 12 DPO to test and don’t freak myself out with “symptoms” 
Trying to conceive baby#2 after 3 miscarriages and after so many blood tests and procedures I’m just hoping this is my year! Anyone else in their 2WW? 


  • I’m due on 11th so trying not to test till nearer then. If I make it to the 11th it’ll be a miracle 🤣
  • I’m due AF on the 8th and I’m 8dpo so I’m in my 2WW too!
  • Hi! I am also in 2ww as of yesterday 🤞 good luck to you all xx
  • 12dpo and bfn :( 
  • Hello! I am 7dpo I think. Hopefully we get BFP!
  • Period is now officially late but I’m still testing negative on easy @ home tests... if the witch hasn’t come by Monday I’m thinking of getting a clear blue or early response.. this is torture 😫😂😂
  • Hi I’m 10dpo , it’s driving me insane .

    what symptoms have you all got, if any?
  • Im on cd3, af got me 5 days early! On the plus side my cycles have gone from 37 to 28 days since I came off the pill in Oct so that’s a good thing at least x
  • Still no sign of AF... she’s almost 3 days late now, still getting BFNs 😫 bought a clear blue on my way to work last night and took it before my shift but BFN... done internet cheapies today and BFNs... 

    ive had cramps, nausea, sore nipples, gas, constipation, bloating, fatigue, broken out... I’m fed up now 😂😂😂

    AF is never ever late 😫🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Test from this mornings FMU... couldn’t get any whiter 🙄🙄 (just fished it out the bin for this picture haha)  
  • Last nights pre shift BFN 😫😫🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Aaaaand AF is here, I’m out! Feel fine about it though as always next month :) 
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