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Implantation cramps?

I’ve posted this on a few forums but I’ve never really received a response. I’ve also googled things but I don’t trust google lol. I’m just looking for people with their own experiences. I am 8dpo today, since day 6 I’ve had a pulling sensation in my left ovary. I also believe I ovulated on th left side as that’s where I had cramped. My boobs are sore but that usually comes anywhere from a week to a couple of days before af. Today the sensation isn’t nearly as bad as the first two, it was never painful just noticeable. I don’t know if this is implantation or not, I know only time will tell, I’m just curious if anyone else got this. Usually if I do cramp before my period it’s only a couple of days before my period and not in one spot. This is the first time it’s only been on one side. Typically I don’t cramp before my period or really on it. Any response is appreciated 😊


  • Hey! I think I may have had some implantation cramping this month - I usually cramp and get pain before AF is due but this month it was slightly different, more mild and more of a dull ache and I probably felt it more on the right side than left. This was probably from around 9dpo and yesterday (13dpo) I got my first BFP! Still have the dull ache and more of a tugging sensation now and kind of all over rather than one side!

    If this month is different for you compared to other months and cycles I would say it could be implantation cramping and to wait a couple of days to test.  

    Best of luck and keep me posted! :) xx
  • Thank you so much for your response! I will keep you updated! I’ve had basically the same thing, I will feel it sometimes in my right side, maybe once or twice out of the whole day but mainly in my left! That gives me hope that it’s possible! I am either going to test Saturday or Sunday! I will keep you updated 😊
  • Aww I have everything crossed for you! I tested 13dpo as I said, 4 days after I felt the cramps and it was a strong line!

    I didn't really symptom spot this month but the other things I noticed (looking back) for me that were very different were that I had a tonne of spots come out of nowhere all around my mouth, chin and neck, the corners of my mouth went really dry and cracked (random) and I kept waking up in the night with dry mouth like I had been out drinking (I never usually wake up in the night!)

    Have you had any other symptoms? x 
  • I’ve had lower back pain mainly directed towards the left side, dry mouth, I’m always thirsty, and very vivid dreams. Sore boobs but that’s a common thing for me unfortunately, it sucks lol. I think that’s about it though. With my first daughter I didn’t have anything at least nothing that I noticed. No cramps or bleeding, I just realized I was late which I never am and took a test and the line was immediately positive, she’s almost 2 now! I’m just so ready for another little one especially with her age, she loves babies and so do I 🥰
  • The lower back pain and dry mouth is definitely something I have experienced over the last few days and I am still doing! Sounds promising for you! :)

    Hopefully your daughter can be a big sister soon!
  • Thank you ☺️ I hope so! I’m so happy for you! I hope your pregnancy goes smooth, I’m going to try to hold out testing until af is due but I never do lol I’m just anxious but I’m definitely going to wait a few more days
  • Thank you very much! Me too!

    Can't wait for an update from you :) 
  • Well, I just had a rush of nausea and threw up 😂🤦‍♀️ Not sure what that means 
  • Hopefully that is really really good news haha! I don't know how you are holding out testing - I'd be straight in the loo with a test!! haha x
  • Hey! How are you and did you test again? X 
  • Hey! I haven’t yet, I’m trying to hold out until Wednesday since it would be a day late! My boobs hurt bad, the cramp on my left side has been less and less, but the dry mouth is still there. No matter how much I drink I’m still thirsty 🙄 my friend came down for the weekend so it’s making it easier to not test lol 
  • Sounds like you’ve got all the symptoms 😂 best of luck for Wednesday 😊
  • I had spotting and dull ache on my left side (I also ovulated from left side) from 11dpo. I tested on 12DPO and had a very obvious BFP. I continued to have spotting and dull ache until 14DPO (4 days total). I am now 6weeks +4 day pregnant. Your symptoms sound really promising 😊 My nausea has only started this week and thankfully I haven’t been sick yet 🤞 Good luck for testing! 
  • @Bunnissa congratulations 😊 glad you’ve said about the nausea only kicking in this week ... I’m 5+1 and was wondering if I should have had nausea and sickness by now but nothing really haha! Guess I’ll wait for it to show it’s ugly head! Happy healthy 9 months xx 
  • I’ve had pink spotting, waiting to see if it gets heavier. Last month I had light spotting for 5 days but wasn’t pregnant. It was weird lol usually I have a normal flow but I didn’t, testing tomorrow though! 
  • @Mc1999 keep us posted! Hopefully she stays away! 
  • I'm at work right now, but when I get home I'm gonna test ( gonna hold my pee in lol) it didn't get heavy and there is nothing there today. So if it is a period, it came early and shorter than usual! I will keep you posted!
  • @Mc1999 Could be implantation bleeding! Everything crossed it's your bfp!
  • @Mc1999 Did you test in the end? 
  • I did and it was negative :( super light period for 4 days. The dull pain is still there on and off which is weird, but my fertile period starts tomorrow so hopefully this is my month!
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