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February 2021- let's see those bfps 😍👶🏼🎉

Continuation from the Jan thread ❤️


  • Jumping over here cd1 today, month 5 ttc. Good luck all x
  • I’m here too 🙌🏻
  • Hi @Catj21 I’ve just ordered some more opks and downloaded Premom. Hoping this is my cycle x
  • I'm here also as not expecting to ovulate until the 24th January xx
  • I’ll be around the same time as you @Mrs_T. so we can be testing buddies 🤞🏼 X
  • Hey everyone joining here now as AF arrived today 😩 so cd1 for me.

    Cycle has gone from 26 to 27 and now 24 days, I’ve no idea when to starts using opks anyone know when would be the best time or just start using from day AF ends? App currently says ov will be 19 Jan. 

    @Lh8609 I got Premom last month and I really like it? Do you use any other app, I’ve got Ovia as well which I like.

    Good luck ladies praying feb is our BFP month, not that I wanted any of us to be in Feb I am glad for familiar and friendly faces 

  • Checking in for a roll call! <3 

    Waiting for the miscarriage to start, so I'm not sure when I will ovulate / be testing, but I'm here! <3 

    It's good to have so many familiar faces here. <3 xx
  • Hi Everyone  :) TTC month one with AF due 25th so currently in fertile window. Fingers crossed for all BFP this Jan ❤️

    @Minch406 so sorry to hear of your MC *hugs sent* 😘
  • Sorry she got you @Mama_C im cd2 today, I’m going to start using opks the first day after af just one a day to start with. I use Flo but wanted to try something that would help me read my tests. Gutted I’m on month 5 it’s so hard when I fell so quick with my first 2.

    Welcome @Redemmbers when are you going to test? 

    @Minch406 sorry you find yourself here my love x
  • @Lh8609 thank you. I’ll start testing soon as AF finishes which makes complete sense

    I’m same as you my two I didn’t ‘try’ I did no tracking or anything just stopped the pill and said we won’t stop it happening and fell in like month 1 and month 2! I do wonder if I’m thinking too much into it and about it, but I was 8 years younger, have had the coil in for 5 years since then and been investigated recently for pelvic pain so I don’t know what if any impact it’s had

    fingers crossed for us for Feb 🤞🏻

    Hope your cold is better 

    @Redemmbers welcome and good luck with testing fingers crossed for a BFP 

    @Minch406 I saw you said in the jan thread you were heading here. Take good care of yourself and be kind I know it’s really tough for you right now. Your being much stronger than you realise

  • Heyy ladies!
    Kinda new around here, loving the positive energy so far! 
    Cd 3, almost done with AF. Hoping this is our cycle xx...
  • Hi All,
    Hope your all well and hope you dont mind me jumping over to this one now CD 5 today for me. Not going to lie it was an hard one for me this month af coming but what can we do. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️. Fingers crossed for us all this time around ✨
  • @Jadey03-1 @Abbyp welcome 😊

    Fingers crossed for bfps in Feb! Xx
  • @lh8609, Inevitable though wasn’t it? I’m still waiting for the bleeding to start, about half an hour ago I wiped and saw a tiny pink watery on the tissue paper, nothing since. I have a feeling this is going to be a long drawn out missed miscarriage x

    @Mama_C, Thank you! Just waiting for the bleeding to start really, I wiped about 30 minutes ago and found a watery pink back on the tissue but it really wasn't more than 1cm and I've been to check and nothing since... 

    To everyone else, Hello! I've been TTC for 33 cycles (2 and a half years) and December ended in a miscarriage and so has January, Just wanting for the bleeding to start. This makes my 14th miscarriage. 

    I did have some testing in 2015 which suspected a blood clotting disorder but the fertility specialist was so up herself. She straight away said she'd do the testing but 99% was sure ''it's just one of these things'' - When talking about my losses.
    And because I turned out to be pregnant at the repeat blood test to confirm something they'd potentially found (Hughes syndrome / APS, Blood clotting disorder) she refused to diagnose it as pregnancy obscures the results.... apparently. 

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone, apologies if I go quiet for a few days. If the bleeding properly starts I may take a few days for emotional time off. Two miscarriages in 2 months is literally, breaking my heart. <3 
  • @Minch406❤️ My thoughts are with you and i hope you are okay as much as you can be. Its an awful time at the minute besides going through that so big hugs xx
  • Certainly is, but looking forward to going through it all with you all, the amount of support I got on the other thread is immense! <3 

    I had some very sharp pains (short lived) about an hour ago
  • @Minch406 is AF technically due tomorrow? I've got everything tightly crossed for you for Feb ❤️ xx
  • Mrs_T. said:
    @Minch406 is AF technically due tomorrow? I've got everything tightly crossed for you for Feb ❤️ xx
    Technically due today, would have usually shown up by now! I've got everything crossed for all us February ladies <3 x
  • @Minch406 are your temps still high too? Yes absolutely, me too ❤️xx
  • Update - Just over an hour ago I had VERY sharp pains that lasted around 10-15 seconds. I've just been to the toilet and passed what I believe to be the pregnancy. I expect the bleeding to start very soon. 
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