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At home pregnancy test

I am just wondering if anyone can help me. Do i make an appointment or what. These lines seem very faint to me and im not sure how to read them these are different brands taken each day. Any help or advice is welcome.


  • Hi, I don't know what to say as they look abit odd with no colour to them !! I would say that line on the first response is it, should be the same colour as the control line as you can definitely see it but its almost looks grey...I once took a first response test out of the casing and rubbed it as it seemed to have abit of cotton on it and I did show up like that, almost the grey indent line...sorry I can't be more helpful but I do see why you're confused as a line that clear and big with no colour to it would throw anyone off.. really hope it is your bfp, I would re test to make sure. 
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