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The January TTC Thread - Let’s see some New Years BFPs! ➕🥳👣 - Part 2



  • Hey welcome @Bundaberg xx
  • @Bundaberg hi lovely welcome! Is this your first month ttc? X
  • @Abbey2020 I'm still fairly high today but not higher than my peak. What's your tests like? Xx
  • Feeling a bit discouraged i am one day away from af and took a pt and it was neg and i know i ovulated definitely had a peak and it was a first response to so i think im out this month i know she will be here on sat like usual so im kinda sad 
  • @Ashbugg23 it is still early to get a BFP so don’t count yourself out just yet x
  • @Ashbugg23
    Aw sorry for the bfn, but like GwentonEmmy said, it's still early yet. I hope af stays away. 🤞
  • @Ashbugg23 not out yet lovely 
  • I started bleeding and im not cramping at all just a little tiny bit of blood when i wipe and have this weird feeling in my belly idk whats happening anybody have somthing similar and get a bfp ?
  • Not out till she arrives fully hun @Lh8609
  • Hope she stays away @Ashbugg23

    I just had the best nights sleep I’ve had in a week, knowing that my back yard camera would alert my phone if it spotted anyone in the garden 😀 getting my front camera put up after work today 👍🏼 Hope everyone’s ok and has a good day today. Cd9 for me and nothing to report lol x
  • Good morning all!!
    Good luck and welcom @Bundaberg !!🥰🥰
    You're not out yet @Ashbugg23. Keeping things crossed for you 🤞🤞💜
    @Lh8609 that's great you've got the system.up and running, must be such a relief!! 
    I'm.9dpo and not many symptoms to write home about, just gonna go with it 🥰💜
  • Thank you for the warm welcome! 

    @SorrentoMummy yes it's my first month. Yesterday I noticed that the smoke from cigarettes smells different then before to me. Worse. The way it does when I'm sick. Well I'll know more next week I think :)
  • Ashbugg23Ashbugg23 Regular
    edited Jan 15, 2021 8:19AM

    Nope its exactly what i thought the witch is officially here and as ugly as she gets ugh just another bummer to my bummy day great i hope everyone is doing good so i have a question for you ladies i bought some stuff called preseed and have read mixed reviews about it but mostly good any of you ladies tried it before ?
  • Ohh I am sorry af has arrived @Ashbugg23, in regards to the pre seed I haven't got a clue, I am abit screamish when it comes to myself messing around up there !! I can't even bring myself to check my cervix lol.. hopefully others can shine some light on it for you.
  • @Abbey2020 I'm still fairly high today but not higher than my peak. What's your tests like? Xx
    Yes yesterday we’re still pretty high, still need to test today - but still getting a bit of ewcm... is that normal? Never had it like this before! Going to test shortly so will report back... as awful as it sounds - I don’t know if we can BD again tonight - it’s tiring isn’t it 😂😳
  • Sorry af arrived xx @Ashbugg23

  • Hi all 
    I thought I had peak on 13th Jan (Cd 12), my LH lowered yesterday (not by much), today I’ve woke up and feel ‘wet’ down there... TMI SORRY! Just done another LH and it’s higher than what I thought was my peak! 
    Can anyone help? Xx 
  • It looks more like a peak came yesterday in my opinion, so could still be your peak? If your lh dropped, could it be that your urine was too diluted? @Abbey2020
  • Ah sorry @Ashbugg23

    I'm really struggling today. Period due on Tuesday and its feeling like the slowest crawl to doomsday. I have been trying not to get false hope up with all the symptoms as last time I did I really crashed low when AF came but its so hard. I went to a miscarriage group last night on zoom hoping it would be helpful but hearing so many heartbreaking stories of not conceiving again or repeated miscarriages really has set my mind.l off. Its all just so unfair. Where is that damn bfp! 
  • @SP28 thanks for your response! Going to try BD later to cover all bases; hopefully it lowers tomorrow! Xx
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