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TTC for 6 months, no luck. Should I get a female fertility tests done?

Hi Everyone,
I am 29 yrs old, have no medical conditions and am a good BMI for my height and weight. I follow a healthy diet. My husband and I have been TTC for around 6 months and have had no luck.
Should my husband and I get fertility tests done now or should we wait after trying for a year.
Can I get tests taken immediately with the NHS? If there is a waiting time, how long does it take?

I am feeling slightly anxious and confused  :/


  • Hi dear,

    I'm in a similar situation - TTC for about a year (actively- it has been almost 2 years but my husband works abroad) and I don't know what would I suggest to you or to myself. 
    I personally think you should definitely wait for at least a year before searching for help. I would suggest going to your ob/gyn for a regular check-up if you haven't been for a while. You should definitely talk to your ob/gyn about wanting to start a family and all but I wouldn't worry just yet.
    It's so hard to be in our skin and to think constantly "what is it that I should be doing right now?" but you are still so young and it's sad to be spending life thinking about things you can not change. One day I was just so feed up with all this TTC bull**** and I realized I'm not enjoying things I will no longer do once a baby arrives - so I'm trying to be more relaxed (as much as I can be) and enjoy drinking wine and having fun, watchin Netflix till 3 am an so on.
    I would suggest waiting a bit for sperm analysis but that should (in my opinion) definitely be your first step - in my country ob/gyn require it before moving forward.
    Hope I helped a bit. Hoping you'll get your BFP soon <3<3<3
  • Hi Iva0808, 

    Thank's alot for your comment. It really helped.
    I know that stress can also effect fertility. Maybe I just need to relax and have fun like you said  :)

    Wishing you all the best with your TTC journey!  <3
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