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This is an evap line... right?! HELP!

I’m two days late and I caved and took this test tonight. I admit that this photo is taken 30 min after I took it, so this is an evap line, right? My only hesitation is that it’s as wide as the test line and in person it seems to be blue tinted, but it’s hard to tell.
GAH!! I’ll be retesting in a few days if my period doesn’t show. Trying not to get my hopes up! My period has been consistent within a day on arriving for months.


  • Here’s an edited picture with contrast 
  • The evap line is a bugger, I had this but apparently on the tests that show up pink lines are less likely to have an evap line, the best thing you can do is take a digi test, no evap line on those! Good luck xx
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