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TWW- share symptoms!

Hi ladies

I did a PG on Monday which I think was Neg (was too early). I promise OH we would take a test together Saturday morning, only have one FRER remaining and so I’m holding out because I don’t want to waste it if it’s too early.. should be 11dpo on Saturday.

Yesterday I had nausea and excessive saliva. If you’ve ever had nausea where you can feel it in your cheeks, it was like that. Today no nausea but slightly more saliva.. 

had no sore boobs just some itchiness but would say mild. Have had some pain/cramping in pelvis but could be central or to the sides but again it’s been mild, nothing to shout home about.

should get my period between Friday and Sunday.

Anyone else want to symptom spot with me to make the days go faster until I can test🤣
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