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What do you see? Positive or negative?

All three I took between the hours of 6pm -730pm 
- results were before the timeframe

 (Equate 5days sooner 2 days after) (first response (2nd day)
clear blue (1st)


  • I can't see anything sorry lovely, but it's not close enough. 
  • AppleL02AppleL02 Regular
    edited Jan 14, 2021 6:14PM
    😫 my phone sucks when it comes to the photos. 
  • I can see something in the blue dye 1 and I think I can see the top of the line forming in the pink dye 1, at the top right and if you follow it down can just make out a line.  Really hoping it is the start of a bfp for you, try again with a first response as the clear blue are around 25miu where as first response are 6.5miu I believe so if its showing on a normal clear blue it should be blazing on a FR. Good luck and fingers crossed.. 
  • Thank you just confirms I’m not going crazy with these lines. Not to great a capturing great photos with my phone but didn’t hurt to try. Thank you I will keep updated on results. 
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