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Faint positive on FRER is it my BFP

Hope I’m not posting in the wrong category. I’m new here*
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-Bit of a back story-
     My last period was on Dec.5 2020. I had unprotected intercourse once for the month on Dec.7 2020 midway through my period. I had unprotected intercourse on Jan.3 2021. I missed my period which was due on Jan.4 2021.  I have yet to receive it as of Jan.15 2021. I took a frer test yesterday evening which was super faint then again this morning which was also faint if not more than yesterday’s (morning wee was quiet a bit diluted) . My question : could I consider this a BFP? is it even possible considering the times and dates of intercourses wouldn’t match with ovulation?  Anyone else have similar story’s?  Thank you all so much 
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