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Chemical pregnancy or still hope?

i am in desperate need for some advice please. Been going crazy all day and cried A LOT.
we found out 3 days ago on the day my period was due that I was pregnant with number 3. Faint line but definitely there with FRER test and FMU.
Today I took another FRER around 8.30am which had a vvvfl (I woke up around 6.30 and did a big wee then went back to bed and the 8.30 wee was a small amount but plenty)
I was hoping to see much darker lines but they were much lighter!
I also took a clear blue digital around 10.30 which said ‘not pregnant’ (I broke it apart and the strip had 2 lines but I’m not sure what this means??)
My temp is still high, my cervix is high soft and it have lots of cm, very thirsty dry mouth and getting dull cramps.
is this chemical or is there still hope??
please help! 😢 


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